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There is this girl at my school who has a duck plushy she carries around all day and is very childish.

Her dog destroys everything he gets his mouth on and she does not leave it at home because it is her fav.

My friend goes through my art pad one day while I'm not looking and turns to some furry drawings. She screams OMFG FURRIES!!!!

My other friend Decided to go through(Cough jack cough) a different drawing Pad I had and was fliping through it to see what reference pictures I had and he goes so what you just draw dogs and wolfs all the time.

We had a dress like a baby day at my school this year when we were playing a school named barbe or something like that.

My friend(And this is why I love him) Wrote Furry pride on our bathroom wall last year and Gay pride next to it.
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