just seen in the train

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three years ago i had to do some tests about my progress of bed wetting issues
so i fixed my bag cause the dr told me the previous day that i will stay a hole day into the hospital.
i took my diaper supplies some creams etc and before i live from my place i wore a diaper
the hospital was about 6 stations by train and i decided not take a cab
i was standing in the middle of a crowdless wagon when a little girl beside me
almost screamed'' look mo he is wearing a d....''
the hands of her mother instantly blocked her mouth.the waistband of my diaper was a little bit obvious and the girl had the ''right'' height
i was so lucky cause no one understood what really happened
seconds before i quit the wagon i turned into the mom and i thanked her with a smile
o.O damn my heart would be through the roof
DAMN, gotta love kids and their loud mouths ^^
Man, that sounds like a terrifying close call.
yeah ive had that happen its so embarrassing
you cant imagine how i felt
Haha I think I would've died :) That or the kid.. Nah kidding ^_^
I would totally feel embarrassed if that happened to me, but that was a close call.
Embarrassing, WOW!
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