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Just Registered, hello!

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Hello everyone, I've been wearing those awesome little white things forever now, I'm glad to find there's a whole forum of you guys who I can talk about this with, I mean let's be real here, diapers are more comfortable anyway.

So I've been a little for a long time now, I can't be sure exactly how long, but I always missed wearing diapers. In like 6th grade I began just using my underwear as a diaper, sometimes even in school when I was alone in the hallway. The thrill that any second, someone could come out and catch me in that act was awesome for me. AFter a while I just said whatever and became a little, and I'm always in diapers now, I prefer them completely. I don't know why, but wearing them under sweatpants in particular feels best.

I also have worn them around my friends a few times. One time I actually began peeing my pants right in front of my friend Sabrina, and she never knew. So I'm here now. You'll see me around, glad to be with you guys now!
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Welcome friend this is a wonderful place and I'm sure you will enjoy it here ��
Welcome:) I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum, i think it's great. What music are you into?
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