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So I was doing a diaper change and had taken off my old diaper and lay down my new diaper and laid on top of it. I had not fastened it and I was watching TV and the urge to pee came on. So while laying on my unfastened diaper I lay there and just peed myself. So at first I felt kind of guilty that doing that not being protected but then what's the difference if the diapers under me but not around me! So as I'm laying there relieving myself and the warm pee is running off my hips and down between my legs I was very pleased and comfortable letting it happen. It is definitely something I'm going to have to do more often.
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Surprised the diaper caught it all
Babies, especially boys, tend to wet when they get their diaper changed. Many new parents get sprayed in the eye.
.Happens to us all..
craigd1341 said:
Surprised the diaper caught it all
The diaper caught a majority of it but I always lay on a pad also just in case of normal diaper leaks.