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I used my last proper diaper late last week, which was ok over the weekend because I didn't wear at all (unusual for me) due to working a lot.

I woke up this morning remembering I have the house to myself and just got that need to be in a wet diaper! XD

Having forgotten to stock up my stash, I had to resort to slipping on a cheap pull up I have had 1/2 a pack of for months; not my ideal but at least its some padding!

My question is do others have any cheap or least favourite diapers stashed away in case of emergencies when main stash has run out and you really feel the need to wear?
I order 2 cases of dry 24/7's at a time when I open my third remaining bag I recorded 2 cases I try to have a minunum of 2 sealed bags of 18 diapers in reserve at all times incase the supplier is out of stock for a few days to a week.

Try to keep a backup supply of your normal premium diapers that works best for you relying on cheap thin diapers as a backup is not worth the risk of leaks :)
I may be somewhat unusual here in that I have a fairly substantial stash with a large variety of diapers. So I'm in NO danger of running out anytime soon. But I always have thrifty behavior, even in times of surplus. (maybe that's why I continue to have surplus!) Anyway, I've acquired "cheaper diapers" from time to time and I still have them. I've given some diapers away that I can't use (too small!) but I've hung onto the thin/cheap ones in case they can be used later.

I find that sometimes, say when I get home later in the evening and need to change, but will only be up for an hour or two before going to bed (and changing into a proper thick overnight diaper) I'll go ahead and change into something thin/cheap. It just needs to keep me padded for an hour or two, doesn't have to be anything special. "padded for being padded's sake". For that they work just fine. And I don't feel wasteful shucking them off and tossing in the trash dry after only an hour or two of wear. That could have been a $2 or $1.65 or even a $1.25 diaper, but no, it was a $0.60 diaper, or even a $0.35 diaper. No big deal.

So although the situation is different, it's the same basic principle. When traveling etc I can still get myself into the situation of not having diapers to wear. I try to keep it as infrequent as possible though! I usually keep a change in my vehicle, as well as in the lid of my lunch bag. So I'm not usually far from the crinkles ;)

Someone needs to do this with a diaper....
I keep an emergency stash in a dufflebag with my 'bug-out' supplies. Mostly in case of actual emergency where i cant get home. But, if i run out for financial reasons or otherwise at home, the emergency stash will give me about a weeks worth.
At one point when I was living alone, my stash got low enough to worry about that sort of thing. This was due to lack of availability of my preferred retail brand. I finally worked this out, but I also had a range of cloth diapers and plastic pants for "emergency".

I never did wind up using the last disposable. Back when I would have considered quitting a good thing, I thought from time to time about cutting back to a single diaper stash just because of my unwillingness to use that last one.
If I forget to restock. I go to goodwill and see what they have in stock. Sometimes they will have diapers like tena's
I have an old package of depends that are the pull ups but also have the tabs so you can make them tighter. I was in a hurry and bought those instead of standard depends with tabs (best I can get without order in online).
I can get First Quality IB Briefs locally and usually have enough stuffers to turn them into a better diaper than they are. Usually though, I don't let myself get that low, typically order another case or half case when I get down to 20 or 30 diapers.
Used to keep a pack of Boots StayDry slips in stock, but stopped when the store five minutes walk away started selling them. I keep a pair of pocket nappies with microfibre absorbent stuffers in reserve.
Having some cloth and plastic pants can be good for times like that if you can get away with washing and drying them. Flat folds are best because they do not look like anything in the and they dry fairly fast.
WildRoseBaby said:
Having some cloth and plastic pants can be good for times like that if you can get away with washing and drying them. Flat folds are best because they do not look like anything in the and they dry fairly fast.

And with plastic pants one can always use a towel or two in a crunch.
I wear Abri Form XPlus to bed every night, but I keep a pack of Amors stored away. I love the amors and those used to be my night time padding, but they are just too expensive for right now. So I keep the pack I have left and don't touch it.
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