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Just found out I am a "lurker"!

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Thats really awesome! Its something I have always aspired to, to have myself join an online community of minorities within minorities, to be a man who is painfully shy and has a really hard time saying hello to people, and then be informed by an AUTOMATED form-message that I am somehow "less than" because I don't talk much, and my account will be deactivated within an hour unless I say something.

Okay, so I guess I will say something. Sorry for the rant :)

Here are some quick points about me, because I am thinking in terms of lists this evening.

+started wetting my pants on purpose around 8 or 9
+added diapers at age 15
+am a "Big Brother" type personality with a dash of fatherly instinct
+have big bro'd and mentored guys since I was a teenager
+honestly relate to mid 20s and under guys who are emotionally mature
+my relatability to that general age group/type is not driven by sexuality whatsoever
+open to DL's and little bro types
+not able to relate to anyone who acts like a child or infant
+however pacis and onesies and stuffies are very cool
+am not a full furry, but very open to all things furry
+open to many other fetishes
+very laid back and relaxed, low pressure, easy to talk with
+many wide ranging interests on many subjects
+wide range of musical likes
+except cannot listen to rap, metal, anything harsh or where I can't understand the words
+cannot watch music videos
+totally suck at video games but enjoy watching others play
+wide interests in movies and TV
+do not drink, do not use any drugs
+unconditionally cannot spend time with anyone drunk or high
+do smoke cigs and make no apologies for that
+100% wetter, either pants or diaper, lifelong master at watersports
+NOT into #2 or messing AT ALL
+however #2 accidents sometimes happen, and will happily change those diaps/pants
+enjoy diaper play and wetting play, checking, changing, chilling
+have begun to experience lessened control but prefer to have fun with it instead of letting it bother me
+open to friendship, fwb, mentorship, relationships either small or large "R"
+even with an age difference we would be equal partners
+sorry, absolutely cannot engage in NSA/anonymous/hook ups
+if we click, I am a long term/forever kind of guy
+open to any intelligent conversation on any topic
+sorry, talking to me in baby talk equals instant end of conversation
+sorry, all communication must be coherent phrases or sentences
+happy to IM on yahoo or skype or by text once a conversation leads to mutual interest
+will only video chat on skype after establishing friendship
+not able to relocate for many more years
+potentially able to have an established relationship relocate to me
+highly interested and experienced in emotional health issues
+willing to chat with anyone anytime experiencing any emotional health struggles
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Hello and welcome to the site. For being shy, you've written an excellent introduction thread. I think this will be a good site for you because baby talk is for the most part, not allowed. In fact, we stress proper grammar and spelling, though we obviously make allowances for those who live in non English speaking nations.

I'm an older member who is a classical musician, though I played for 15 years in a very good cover rock band. We were the premiere rock band for a yearly festival that saw 20,000 in attendance. I've been played on Public Radio, and when young, sang in choruses at Philharmonic Hall, NYC and Carnegie Hall under Leonard Bernstein and Leopold Stowkowski.

I used to play a lot of video games, but now I enjoy writing, as well as reading, of course. My music major is on keyboards, organ, piano, etc. as well as conducting.

I hope you will feel comfortable responding to whatever random thread interests you. We are a friendly group, and perhaps the most, and I hesitate to say, sane diaper site. We are a good support group, and care about each other. So Welcome and make yourself comfortable.


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Welcome to the site.

You'll find (or already have found) that ADISC is fairly friendly, and generally has well rounded discussions.

I gather from your profile that you're a fan of Star Trek. I'm not one to watch loads of it myself, but others here are (I think we have a decent size group even.) While on the topic though - Care to share any other shows you like?

In regard to your comment on the "lurker" system, it's used to "nudge" folks into posting at least once. This helps limit spam, and also helps the community grow in numbers. (AKA: Allows new members to get acquainted with others)


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