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Just last night, I saw this picture while browsing

pull ups.jpg

And I haven't been able to get it out of my mind

I had a dream last night that I was in my childhood bed room, digging through my dresser. I reached behind the open drawer and found a stack of Pull Ups just like these. It was amazing how real and life like the dream felt, they looked exactly like this, and felt like they were right there in my hand.

Sadly, as is the nature of my dreams, it ended before I could wear them. But the dream lingered on all day.

Normally, I tend to speak on the more sexual side that this sort of thing plays in my life, and that was most certainly present. But there was something more there. More than that feeling, which has reached through my life and defined me. More than the comfort of wanting to return to that time, more than the simple desire to just feel how warm and soft they would feel on me.

There was something so intensely powerful about that dream, as if nostalgia could be intensified, that it stays with me.

I think that this sort of thing we share can be a curse, but in many ways it is most certainly a blessing. Sometimes I believe I am more in tune with my memories, nostalgia, and something that I can't even put words to. Whatever this greater feeling is that has lingered beyond sleep. To where the past and the present could coexist as one.

I hope I have another dream like that one soon.

I absolutely love Pull Ups Training Pants. :catsmile:
there's quite a few adult-size pullups available, go get some!
Been there. Done that. This is on a different level. Can't even put words to it. Almost feels spiritual.

But I appreciate the input, of course.
Well, as a lucid dreamer, I see dreams as the gateway to a form of spiritual consciousness beyond that of our waking hours. It was through Lucid Dreaming, I learned more about my other 'selfs', the 'aspects'. Sure it led to some madness because I could now hear their voices when awake, but they are rather helpful at times.

Try to find a way to start lucid dreaming. Practice each night to remember this dream. Here is a trick to maximize your dream's length, stay up later or take part in activities to make you tired. If you're lucky, you might enter stage 3 or 4 REM sleep. Normally these stages are when dreams occur. More tired you are, the faster you dip into these.
Dreams really make "going back" possible. I know what you mean. There have been times when I have woken up feeling like some of my biggest fantasies of actually come thought. Even when reality seeps in, I still have that warm and fuzzy feeling.
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