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Ok, here we go!

You may have heard this quesiton more often then none but for me its my first time on a blog asking so bare with me. I am not new to the ABDL world of things BUT never really tried to communicate with others and or use the blogs to ask questions. I have been extremly lucky to have a babysitter who participates in babysitting me (very often at that) along with all the bells and whistles (lucky me right?). Now, I know there are many out there who have never had a chance to experience this but for me it has been absolutely incredible and can only wish/hope all of you have a chance. So, with that in mind, my BIG problem is that when I am being put into baby mode, my babysitter will force me to use my diapers (pee only, which is FINE by me) by reminding me that "babies use diapers" and if I want the full baby mode experience, I have to use my diapers. She will change my diapers, feed me, play with me and even wakes up in the middle of the night to change my diaper when I need it. Sounds simple enough, but let me tell you that I find it to be the most difficult thing to accomplish. I can seem to use my diaper as long as I am standing but there is no way I can do this laying down. This is what I am looking for some feedback from all you experienced ABDL's out there.

Any suggestions or feedback?
First step is to overhydrate before bed. Over several days you will want to work at it in stages. So, first, sitting fully upright in bed. Next, leaning back on a pillow while in bed. Next lying down, but propped up on your arms. Finally you will get to a point where you can do it, with some concentrated effort, while you are laying down. Then practice. Think about going to the bathroom. Envision yourself sitting on a toilet. It's going to take some physical retraining and some mental retraining.

You've spent many years training your bladder not to empty itself when you are lying down. For most people it will take some time to train yourself that it is okay.

This may take some time, but like all 'skills' (for lack of a better word), practice is the key to improvement.
Yeah it's not easy but like ornitorrinco said just keep at it and you'll eventually be able to do it.
IMO it is a hell of a lot harder to pee laying down than it is sitting or standing. Gravity really helps with that, and so it'll likely require a bit of assistance, especially at first (even after youre used to it, itll probably need help from at least the bladder, meaning itll need to be full to go on its own). That plus your toilet training will make it really difficult at first. I know that struggle well, it's the reason I initially came to this site, albeit with slightly different surrounding circumstances =P

My advice: start with sitting, its harder than standing. Once you get that, then try laying. If cant do it on your back, try laying on your stomach. It might not help, but imo its a bit easier as long as youre not cutting off the flow :D just be careful not to flood out the top =P
I've dealt with incontinence for many years because of a genetic disorder. Then in 2008 had my prostate removed because of cancer, which changed my incontinence. Sorry to say it, but...
Some nights I wet while sleeping.
Some nights I wake because of a full bladder and just shifting my position starts me wetting. I'm asleep before I finish.
Some nights I wake because of a full bladder and shifting doesn't help, so I roll onto my back, raise my knees, and relax, resulting in a slow trickle.
Some nights I wake up because of a full bladder and nothing works to get things flowing without standing up. Then I flood.
It's not always easy for an incontinent person to wet the bed!
Perhaps part of your problem is having to "pee on demand". If someone was standing over me asking me to wet my diaper, I might have problems too. I can't use the urinals in a public restroom for that very reason. I think it's something that will take time and by repeating the process, it will get easier.
It's quite hard to pee lying down. A full bladder is a must, if you don't really have to go, it's quite hard to relax and let it out in that position. I'd honestly say months if not years of practice level of difficulty. You also need to be confident in the diaper and which way you're pointing matters too: I can do it on my back in a diaper I know won't leak while I'm pointing downwards, but not in any other position.
I've been training for this for months now. I've drank relaxing tea (chamomille or licorice) before bed, and when I wake up having to go, I plop on my belly, prop me up a bit with pillows and concentrate until I go. I've slowly learned to do it much lower and closer to the bed now :3! I still can't do it on my back, though..

One more tip! Spread your legs! It really helps :O
In my experience, you have to "need" to go, and I've been successful in occasionally going while laying down on my back. Spreading the legs apart helps as well as visualizing going. It helps me to softly caress the hair on my belly or thighs in circles to heighten the nerves senses in the area. Other times I've placed my hands on each side of the equipment on the outside of the diaper as if standing at a urinal while visualizing going. It is very much worth the effort as the sensation of the urine coursing its way down across body parts is wonderful. I've been totally unsuccessful at lying on my stomach and going, but not sure it would give the same sensory experience of feeling the warm liquid working its way down.
I couldn't go while being on my back and still have to practice. What I do is to make sure that I really have to go and the urge is to strong to sop it I then go to my bedroom and flop across the bed on my back, and let lose. It seems to be slowly working, It will take a lot of time for me to get comfortable ding it on my back. We have been trained not to wet the bed and we just have to retrain our brain. I can go while sitting, standing, and walking. For me walking was the hardest me the walking was the hardest to try and do other than the back wetting, The wetting while on my back is the hardest nut to crack, I know I will get there some day.
At first I couldn't do it lying down or sitting ,now 2 years on I can do it lying down and sitting and at least 3 times a week I pee in my sleep:sweatdrop:
Gotta be glad I am really good at going while sitting, even when all is really compressed or in an awkward pose.
I have to admit, I really wish I could go while sleeping <__<; it's so weird, why do I want to??? I guess I'm too deep in this now lol
I have to admit, I really wish I could go while sleeping <__<; it's so weird, why do I want to???

For me, I think it stems from an internal struggle set up as, 'if I were truly incontinent or a bedwetter, then I would feel justified in wanting to wear a diaper.' Instead of being a 'personal' choice, it would be a 'medical' choice. Which is itself an extension of a lack of self acceptance.

But again, that's me analyzing myself. YMMV.
I got used to wetting on my back pretty quickly once I started wearing protection. When I was a teenager I would try for hours and get nothing. Then I had nothing but underwear on so I don't know what I was thinking. It took me about a year of 24/7 wearing before I started wetting the bed regularly. Now I wet over half the time but sometimes I go back to my old self. I have to retrain myself after a few weeks by wetting a lot during the day and going on a no toilets thing until I start wetting in my sleep again. I think it is worth all the effort though. It feels so awesome to wet the bed! It is like all my dreams come true to wake up in a cozy warm diaper.
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