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Just another intro haha :P

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Hi all, I'm Pandy.

I, myself, am not a DL but my best mate (BlueSky) is one. I came out to him earlier this year and he felt that he could trust me enough to tell me his secret too. I've only told a handful of my friends that I'm gay and am still stressing about it. I've had a really rough couple of years since I left high school and have been struggling with fairly harmful thoughts as the friends I had as distractions all went their separate ways and Blue's really helped me cope over the last several months. I'm generally a very closed off person and quite introverted but my friend said how much using a forum and talking to like minded people had helped him, so I thought it might help me too.

I'm a second year uni student studying for a BSc and majoring in Chemistry (hoping to go into energy research or pharmaceuticals :D boring I know haha) and I love gaming.
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Welcome, friend ;)
I'm glad you and BlueSky found each other.

Welcome to ADISC.
Hey great to see you, welcome. And thanks for supporting your friend. I hope you find many helpful things to increase your understanding about our interests.
Hii how are you, hope your having a diapered day

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I'm new to the site just wanted to say hi and stay diapered abdl community. Get at me I want to talk to new people
Welcome, glad you both found a good friend in each other xD its always nice to have a friend who can understand and be a confidant on problems theyve never really experienced themselves, because it shows they care enough to learn about it :D you're a good friend..
welcome aboard friend
Hey, Thanks fellas. He's always been so supportive of me, it would be heartless of me not to do the same for him. I've told him I would 100% try one on with him if we were ever in a situation that we could. I hope there's one soon because I'm actually pretty excited about it haha
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