Jump Force


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What are your thoughts on the game previews and any information you have heard about Jump Force so far?

I didn't realize it would be releasing in only a few days and I hope it's one of the few games with a good, lengthy story mode instead of maybe 2-4 hours long for the Story Mode, and then only online playing after that.

It definitely is on my Radar as the previews look good, it will have a pretty big roster of Anime Characters from some of my favorite Animes (there are One Piece Characters, DBZ Characters, Bleach Characters, Naruto Characters, and several others), and hopefully the story mode will be good.

I have played DragonBall Xenoverse (not the 2nd one yet though) so if the story mode, fighting and customizations are anything like that I could see myself enjoying the game; so I will probably pick it up at some point.