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(Note: this story is sort of a prequel to this: http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories/77362-date.html and http://www.adisc.org/forum/stories/79006-homework-ab.html, though reading the others isn't necessary for this one. Constructive criticism is appreciated!)

It was still a bit early. They had agreed to meet at 4:00, but Albert’s watch read 3:50. The boy he was supposed to meet, Joshua, was still inside the classroom. Logical problem solving. Not exactly Albert’s strong suit.

Oh well. There were enough people in the classroom that no one would notice one extra. He pushed the door open slightly and moved into the back row. Perhaps four hundred students sat in a semi-circle sloping up on steps away from the single professor who stood at a microphone.

“Come on, someone must be able to get it. No, the answer is not 25, stop saying that!” the professor said, clearly getting frustrated. “There are one hundred coins, to be divided amongst four men. Each is allowed to suggest a method of dividing them. If more than half agree, then it works out. If not, then he gets nothing and the next man suggests a method. Each man thinks purely logical. How much can he ask for?”

He was met with a series of blank and confused stares. A few people started giggling at the awkward situation; others sighed and looked at the clock. Albert himself was confused, how was the answer not 25?

One student, a short boy with blond hair and a young looking face, seemed to know the answer. He had his hand raised half way up, fighting and looking around himself, as if confused by the blank expressions that surrounded him. A few other students stared or pointed at him, making him fidget even more.

“Anyone besides him this time?” The professor asked, and was once again met with blank expressions and giggles. He sighed. “Alright Joshua. What’s the answer?” Joshua? Was that the person Albert was supposed to meet?

“97” he replied in a soft, high voice. A few people laughed at his answer, not believing it.
“And how is that the answer?” the professor continued in a bored tone.

“How could it be anything else?”

“Look, Joshua, you are right again. But as always, you can’t just say its right because it’s right. You have to explain.”

“Well, if it came down to the fourth man, he would get everything. That means the third can’t get anything if he is making the deal, because the fourth man won’t agree to it. So all the second man has to do to get the majority is give one coin to the third. Therefore, if the first man gives one to the third and four to the last, he can keep 97 and the majority of the people will be getting the best deal possible.”

Several people laughed again and looked back and forth from him to the professor. Some students still stared at him with confusion, not understanding what he said. Only a few understood and nodded their agreement.

“Yes, that is correct. Alright well you all know you homework, and I can see half of you staring at the clock. So get out, have a good weekend,” the professor said and began to pack up.

Albert walked out of the classroom, then turned and watched the students leave. He ignored most and nodded to the few he recognized. The first to pass were all rushing, eager for the weekend. After a few minutes the line began to thin. A few people still dribbled out, most of them with bags under their eyes walking around in an exhausted daze. Where was Joshua?

Finally, after he was sure the classroom was completely empty, one last student came out. He wore a pink t shirt and poorly matching plaid shorts. Despite a backpack on his shoulders, he clutched a bundle of books to his chest. He walked with an awkward gate and kept his eyes fixed on the floor in front of him as if he was afraid it would disappear before his foot hit the ground. It took Albert a minute to recognize the boy who had spoken in class.

“Joshua?” Albert asked.

The boy looked up, startled to hear his name. He stared at Albert with big, round blue eyes.

“Uhh.. Yes.”

“I’m Albert. I think we met online a few days ago and agreed to meet here. Am I right?”

“Ye—yes. That was me.”

Albert smiled. He was lucky. Joshua was too shy to put his pictures online, explaining he had been told it was dangerous, an excuse usually used by people who were afraid their appearance would end the deal. But he really was very cute. Albert wasn’t sure if he was afraid of, there was no way someone would not meet him based on the photo.

“Well, why don’t you come with me then? We will go to my place, and I’ll get you properly dressed. Then we can head out,” Albert said, with emphasis on ‘properly dressed.’ Joshua blushed at the implications, knowing full well what he meant.

The two walked side by side down the street. Albert asked questions and made small talk, trying to start a conversation. They were both students at the same university. Joshua was twenty, Albert was slightly older. Albert was on the football team and had an undetermined major. Joshua wasn’t in any groups and was studying math and physics. They kept talking, with Joshua barely making eye contact and staring at the ground most of the way.

Finally they arrived at Albert’s house. He rented the place from his uncle who never came back to it but refused to sell it, hoping the price would go up. They walked into the front door to a small, tiled hallway which led into a kitchen directly in front of them. The walls were mainly white with a few pieces of cheap artwork. An open doorway to the left went into a living room which featured a couch and a coffee table, to the right was a carpeted stairwell. Albert led Joshua up the stairs. To their left was Albert’s bedroom, to the right a spare room which Albert used for weights. In front of them was the bathroom. Albert led Joshua inside and instructed him to set his bag down.

“Alright then, lay down.” Albert commanded.

“Uhh… I don’t know about this.” Joshua said.

“I thought you said you really wanted to try it out! I even got a package in your size for you!”

Joshua flinched at the harsh tone and backed up. “Yes.. But.. Umm I’m not sure.”

Albert sighed, softening his tone. “Look, I can tell you are nervous. But you know you want to wear them, so just lay down. I’ll put them on for you, ok? There’s nothing to be embarrassed or worried about, I won’t tell anyone and I won’t take pictures just like I promised.”

Joshua fidgeted a bit more, looking around from left to right. Slowly, hey lay down on the ground. Albert leaned over and undid his belt buckle, making Joshua blush again. Albert pulled down his pants and underwear, which he noticed with some amusement were briefs in a boy’s size. He reached into the closet beside him and took out a package labelled “Abena”. He opened it up and took out a thick, plain white diaper. Joshua stared at it with a mix of desire and nervousness.

“Alright, lift your hips up.” Albert commanded and Joshua obeyed. Slowly, he opened up the diaper and laid it underneath Joshua. Then he powdered the area and taped it on. He had practiced a few times, and ensured it fit snugly. Finally he pulled Joshua’s shorts back over it and helped him sit back up. The diapered crinkled loudly in the small space as Joshua moved, and bulged out from under his shorts.

“Alright, that wasn’t so bad, was it? How does it feel?

“Really soft and warm. It’s like getting hugged. Also a bit crinkly. I like it.” he said, smiling.

Uh huh ok. Well I’m glad you do. Now are you ready to go get some food?”

“Yes Da.. Albert. Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out. Just follow me. Oh, and you can call me Daddy if you want to, just not in public.” Albert patted Joshua’s diapered rump playfully and walked out the door. Joshua followed, waddling due to the padding and rubbing his behind as he did. Albert slowed and let Joshua walk out the door first. From behind, it was obvious his butt was diapered. It was thickly padded and round, and crinkled as he waddled out the door. Every few steps his belt would slide and a part of the diaper would peek out over the top. Anyone who knew what to look for and was curious enough would be able to see it. However, he couldn’t admire it too long, as Joshua didn’t know the way, so he stepped in front to lead him along.

They headed down the road with Joshua trailing behind. A few times Albert had to wait for him to catch up. The rout wasn’t too far, but it was taking longer than he expected. He turned down a major main road. They were almost there.

Suddenly, Albert noticed that Joshua was nowhere to be seen. He looked left to right, then behind him. Where was he? Albert walked back down the road, calling Joshua’s name. How the hell could this happen so quickly? He was only a few feet away a second ago.

Albert heard someone call his name. He turned to see Joshua standing on the side walk, looking left to right and wringing his hands. The poor boy seemed to be almost in tears. Albert started to walk towards him, then stopped. A gang of people stood around him. Three men in total, each over a foot taller than Joshua.

“What were you doing following me, punk?” one of them asked.

“I uhh.. I don’t.. uhh…”

“Look me in the eye when talking to me! What is wrong with you?” the first one, dressed in a leather jacket Albert realized resembled his own, began to push Joshua. Joshua fell backwards and got back up, stumbling.

“Don.. Please don’t do that! Hey! ALBERT!”

Albert began to run towards him, calling his name. Joshua was on the other side of the street, and a line of cars stood beside them. Albert tried to wave the traffic and weave between the moving vehicles to get across.

The men kept pushing Joshua, who stumbled between them shaking. He begged them to stop. The first one walked up toward him, laughing, and grabbed him by the neck, pushing him back. Albert stopped and stood in shock. The taller man and would be mugger was on the ground. As he grabbed Joshua’s neck, Joshua had turned around and flipped him over his shoulder, then kicked him hard in the ribs. The man hit the ground and gasped, with his air knocked out of him.

Joshua backed away from him, and at his mouth and staring in shock. “I’m sorry!” he said, “I didn’t mean to hurt you! It was just a reaction!” He backed away from the other two, still shaking and wringing his hands in front of his face. The other two recovered after a moment of shock and approached Joshua angrily.

Albert finally arrived on the scene. “STOP!” He shouted, and the three who were still standing obeyed. It was a good thing, Joshua’s foot was an inch from another’s face.

“HEY! What are you two doing? Go F--- off!” As Albert was larger than the others, and they had just seen their leader get thrown by someone far smaller, they both turned and ran.

Albert turned to Joshua, who was still shacking and in tears. He put his hands on the Joshua’s shoulders. “Are you alright? What happened? Did they hurt you? How did you do that?”

“I thought he was you! He looked like you! Then I was lost and didn’t know where you were so I didn’t know what to do and he came up and he was scary and he kept pushing me and then I think I hurt him and I’m sorry! I’m sorry I won’t do it again please don’t yell at me! I just didn’t want to…” Joshua continued on with his eyes squeezed shut, tears running down his cheeks.

“Joshua calm down. It’s ok. They are gone, see? I’m not angry, you are a good boy, ok?”
Joshua looked up and smiled at those words as if he had never been praised before.

“Really? I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

“I know. Yes you are a good boy.” Albert suddenly realized there was something off about the way he was standing. “You wet yourself, didn’t you?”

Joshua began to tear again and nodded. “It’s just… when they stared yelling.. I got scared!”

“It’s ok. That’s what the diaper is for.” Albert patted him on the shoulder. “When we get back I’ll get you cleaned up and changed. Will you be ok until then?”

“Yes. It’s still comfortable. A bit squishy. You’re not mad? You aren’t going to yell at me?”

“No, I’m not angry. You are still a good boy. Does this happen often?”

“No! Well… sometimes when I’m nervous, or when I concentrate too much on something, I forget. Only a bit when I’m sleeping. It’s not too much of a problem. I used to wear special underwear when I slept, but when I turned ten my mom said I was too old and would just have to clean the sheets myself if it happened. She thought I was just being lazy.”

“Well… its ok. But whenever you are in my house, I want you diapered, ok? I don’t want to have to clean up any messes.”

“Ok” Joshua smiled and looked up, finally meeting Albert’s eyes with his own. “Ummm…. I’m a bit afraid of getting lost again…”

“Yes I thought you’d like that. And I want you to hold my hand so you don’t get lost, ok?”

They both walked down the street again, this time with Joshua clinging happily to Albert. His left hand was in Albert’s right, and his right hand held onto his wrist as he leaned into Albert and waddle-skipped along beside him. Albert smiled and tried to hold back his laughter at the scene, though he hoped no one he knew would see.

“By the way, how did you do flip that guy like that? He must have had forty pounds on you!”

“Well he was pushing on me and when he does that his weight is balanced on me so I have control and can flip him like a lever.” Albert stared at Joshua blankly. “It’s Jiu-Jitsu.” Joshua explained.

“Oh ok. So smart and dangerous. I see. I guess my baby boy has a few secrets, doesn’t he?” Joshua blushed and giggled.

They arrived at a quiet diner Albert picked expecting it to be empty. It was dimly lit with dark carpeting and wall paint. The tables were small and round, with a few larger booths along the sides. Each featured a candle in the centre. They chose a seat, with Joshua asking for a booth in the corner, explaining that the seats seemed softer and they were empty anyway. Albert quietly whispered that a hard seat wouldn’t matter with the thick diaper anyway. They sat down and got out menus.

Albert went through the menu quickly, settling on a steak and bear. Joshua had more trouble. He muttered to himself and flipped back between the pages. After a few minutes the waitress came up.

“Would you like to order drinks first?”

“Yes, can I have a pint of Keith’s pale, please?” Albert said.

“Certainly” the waitress replied. “And you?”

Joshua bit his bottom lip. “Can I have chocolate milk?” He sifted nervously, making his diaper crinkle underneath him. He blushed and looked away from the waitress, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

The waitress blinked in confusion. “Well… uhhh… we don’t usually serve that, it’s not on the menu.”

“Yes but it says you have milk and it says under deserts you have chocolate syrup for the cake and ice cream. You should be able to make chocolate milk. Please?”

“Well… I guess so. I’ll see what we can do.”

The waitress left, glancing over her shoulder at Joshua. Albert watched him fumble through the menu for a few more minutes, muttering under his breath.

“You can’t decide, can you?” he asked.

“Well… no. It’s hard to pick food at a restaurant. I haven’t been here before, I don’t know what’s good, right? Like some places will have very good chicken by bad hamburgers, some will have good hamburgers but bad chicken, and unless I’ve tried them all I can’t decide.”

“Ok… What are you thinking of right now?”

“Well, either the cheeseburger, the grilled cheese or chicken fingers. At first I thought the chicken fingers, but it says it has onions and mustard sauce, and I don’t like those, so I’m not sure.”

“Why don’t you ask them not to give you onions or mustard with them?”

“You can do that!?!?!” Joshua asked in shock. “But it says right here on the menu!”

“Yes you, can, of course you can!”

“Well I’m still not sure.”

They waited for a few more minutes while the waitress returned with their drinks. She said no one had any idea what to charge for chocolate milk, so just pay an extra dollar for the beer and they would call it good. It occurred to Albert that meant they would only get one bill, she thought Joshua was younger and Albert was taking care of him, a babysitter or older brother perhaps. It was an amusing thought, and close to the truth. Albert ordered his food, but Joshua still fumbled around, uncertain.

Albert sighed. “He’ll have the chicken fingers, no mustard or onions. For an appetizer he wants the chicken noddle soup. Is that alright?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Are you sure? Even with no onions and mustard? Because I don’t like those.”

“Yes, of course.”

The food came quickly after. Albert ate slowly, watching Joshua with amusement. It was as if he had never fed himself before. He held his fork flat in his hand and jammed it into fries which he slathered with ketchup. He tried, often unsuccessfully, to get them into his mouth without dropping any. Even more amusing was the soup, which spilled quickly from his spoon. Soon his face was covered ketchup.

It all came to a head when he tried to reach over his food to grab the ketchup bottle and knocked over his drink. The waitress noticed and was over quickly, cleaning it up as Joshua blushed and apologized profusely.

“That’s alright sweetie,” the waitress said “It happens all the time. Well, not really, but it’s still ok. Do you want another one?”

“Yes please. Ummm… Do you have anything to keep it from spilling” Joshua asked.

The waitress laughed. “You mean like a sippy cup?”

“Uhhh….” Joshua glanced nervously from the waitress to Albert.

Albert replied for him, smiling. “Yes, a sippy cup. If you don’t have any, a bottle will do.”

“I’m sure we can manage a sippy cup. I’ll be right back.” The waitress left, once again glancing over her shoulder in confusion at the strange couple.

“That’s too bad. We almost got you drinking from a baby bottle.” Albert said quietly to Joshua.

“I know. I was excited! But I’d be nervous to ask for one.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can get you one eventually. By the way, you aren’t very coordinated, are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, aside from the martial arts stuff, you move oddly. You walk funny, and it looks like you’ve never held a fork before. Do you normally feed yourself?”

He blushed again and looked down. “Yes, but it usually takes a while. My mom said it was impolite to keep someone waiting that long on a date, so I tried to eat quicker, and it didn’t go well.”

“Hahaha I can tell. But it’s ok. Do you want me to feed you?”

“What? I… yes but… here?”

They paused for a moment as the waitress came back and put a sippy cup of chocolate milk in front of Joshua, who nodded and thanked her.

“Yes here. I don’t think you’ll manage to finish that on your own anyway, not at that right. There isn’t anyone else here, and I don’t think the waitress will even be surprised
anymore. Here, give me your spoon.” Albert took the spoon from Joshua’s hand, put it in the soup, and held it up for him to eat.

Joshua looked at the spoon with narrow eyes. Slowly, he opened his mouth, put it around the spoon, and swallowed. “Thank you,” he muttered, and continued to eat while Albert fed him. He finished the soup, than continued on with the chicken fingers and fries. Joshua chewed slowly, and it was still taking a while.

“You know what would make this faster? If you sat on my lap.” Albert said.

“WHAT! YOU CAN’T…” Joshua suddenly realized he was shouting and lowered his voice to a whisper. “Feeding me is one thing, and the sippy cup is kind of necessary. But sitting on you here is just… I don’t know. Also the others help me because I have trouble doing it myself, that would be just for fun… so…”

“Sweetie, it’s ok. Again, the waitress probably already assumes this is some sort of game we are playing. The waitress won’t even raise an eyebrow more than she already has.”

“What? Raise an eyebrow?”

“It means she won’t be concerned. She won’t think anything of it. Look, I can tell you want to. Don’t make me pick you up and spank you to get you to agree. I will lift you and hold you here if I have to.”

He meant it as a joke, but Joshua seemed to take it seriously. He looked genuinely worried. “Please don’t spank me! It would expose my diaper! I’ll be a good boy!”

“I was joking. Though I will lift you onto my lap. Do you want to or not.”

Joshua looked left and right, then all around the restaurant. He got up quickly and tip toed over, as if trying to sneak around. He sat down on Albert’s lap, his bulky diaper getting crushed between them. He wasn’t too heavy, and very warm. Joshua’s own softness, along with the softness of the diaper, squished up against Albert. Joshua leaned back and rested against Albert’s chest, the top of his head just reaching Albert’s head. All in all, he felt nice sitting there. Very nice. Albert wrapped his left arm around Joshua and fed him with his right. He had often thought of having a cute little diaper boy sit on his lap, and the reality was better than he imagined. Softly, he kissed the back of Joshua’s head, who pretended not to notice but smiled brighter after. He enjoyed the feeling as well, and wiggled around as he luxuriated in the softness of his diaper against Albert’s lap.
Soon they were finished and Albert cleaned Joshua off with a napkin, and then called for the bill. The waitress arrived quickly with the bill, her eyes wide in shock at Joshua. As he thought, Albert received the entire bill. He went to pay as the waitress continued to stare at Joshua. Joshua seemed not to notice she was staring, or even that she existed. He stared straight ahead, engrossed in his own happy thoughts. He hummed quietly, swung his feed back and forth and held his hand close to his face. Why was his hand to his face? Albert wondered.

“How old is he, exactly?” The waitress asked. Joshua seemed not to notice.

“Would you believe me if I told you he was twenty?”

“Twenty? Is there something wrong with him?”

“In that case he is five. Oh, and he still wears diapers. Is that more believable?”

The waitress looked up and down, noticing the bulk around his waist. Part of the waist band of the diaper was above his shorts, having been revealed as he shifted gleefully on Albert’s lap. The waitress stared at him with eyes wide, unsure of what to say. Joshua still seemed not to notice. He continued humming and swinging his legs.

Once he was finished paying, Albert leaned forward to look at Joshua and get his attention. He then saw why Joshua’s hand was up.

“Joshua, are you sucking your thumb?” Albert asked smiling, though he already knew the answer.

Joshua looked surprised. He hadn’t realized what he was doing. He blushed furiously. “Yes. I do that sometimes if I’m thinking deeply of something, or sometimes when too much happens and I get confused. It’s calming. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s fine. I’m not embarrassed. In fact, I think it’s adorable. I want you to do it on the way back home, ok?”



“Alright, Da… Albert.”

Albert led him by the hand out the door. Joshua walked gleefully beside him, still sucking his thumb. There weren’t many bars or clubs on the street, and it was mainly empty this time of night. No one was there to notice the boy who sucked his thumb and had a diaper clearly showing above his belt line. Albert looked down at him and laughed.

“Why are you laughing at?” Joshua asked.

“I’m laughing at you kiddo.”

Joshua paused and looked at Albert with a hurt look in his eyes. “You… You’re laughing at me? Why? And why kiddo?”

“No no not like that. In a good way. You are adorable.”

“I am?”

“Yes you are. First of all you look cute. Second your obviously diapered butt is also adorable.” Joshua looked down, he hadn’t realized his diaper was showing. “And the way you skip and hum while sucking your thumb… You must be the cutest AB on the planet. You really are a perfect baby.”

Joshua blushed and looked down. “Really? You really think so?”

“I do.”

They continued on. Joshua beaming even brighter than before. They arrived at Albert’s house. He led them to the TV room. Without even asking, he undid Joshua’s belt and took down his shorts, leaving him in just his pink t shirt and diaper. Joshua let him as he smiled and sucked his thumb. Again without asking, Albert picked up Joshua, cradling him in his arms, walked to the couch and sat him down on his lap. He turned on the TV to cartoon movie. Albert didn’t really pay attention much to it, he just watched Joshua become engrossed in the film. He laughed and clapped his hands and the funny parts, then bounced up and down, his diaper crinkling even louder now that there was nothing to muffle it. He sucked his thumb happily and occasionally turned to smile at Albert and ask for hugs.
After about an hour Joshua stopped bouncing. He slowed down and clenched his gut. He looked nervously back and forth, then at the stairwell.

“Is there something wrong Joshua?”

“Ummm… I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Well that’s what the diaper is for! You already went.”

“Yes but… not this way. I don’t know….”

“Joshua. What are you wearing?”

“A diaper.”

“And what are diapers for?”

“For babies to go to the bathroom in.”

“Yes, and what does that mean for you?”

“That I’m a baby and I need to go to the bathroom in my diaper. ”


“But I think I will be smelly and you won’t think I’m cute anymore.”

“Listen Joshua, I know you want to do this, you told me online. I won’t be angry, and I’ll still like you and think you are cute. Don’t be nervous, ok? Just let it happen. I’ll be right here for you. It’s ok. I want you to do it.” He picked up Joshua and turned him in his lap to face him, then put one hand underneath his butt and looked down over Joshua’s shoulder, waiting for him to do it. His other hand stroked Joshua’s hair and back, comforting and relaxing him.

Joshua bit his bottom lip and fidgeted. Then he closed his eyes, made a face and grunted. Albert felt the lump form underneath his hand, and saw the diaper expand and turn brown. He patted Joshua’s diaper, making it squish loudly against him, and rubbed him up and down.

“There’s a good boy. There’s a good baby.” Albert said soothingly.

“I’m still a good baby? You aren’t going to yell?”

“Of course not. I love my baby boy.”

“But.. but now I’m all smelly and icky.

“Haha you are a bit smell, aren’t you?” he was, the smell had already reached Albert’s nostrils. “But it’s alright. For you, being stinky is a good thing. You know why?” Joshua shook his head. “Because it proves to anyone around you, within sight of your butt or smelling range, that you really are a baby who needs his diapers. It proves to me you care and are willing to be a baby and mess for me. And, since I am the one changing you, it proves that I care enough to put up with the smell to clean you. Finally, it proves that you are really helpless and need a daddy to take care of you. And Joshua, I want to be your daddy. Is that ok?”
“So when I mess I am still a good boy?”
“Yes, exactly.”

Joshua smiled, and then wiggled around in his diaper, making it squish even more. Albert rubbed and patted him, ensuring he got very messy. Joshua closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feeling for a few moments.

“Are you going to change me, Daddy? It’s going to get itchy soon I think.”

“I will, but I want you to sit here on my lap for a moment first, ok?”

“Ok Daddy. Daddy, can I ask you for something?”

“Sure sweetie. What do you want?”

“A kiss Daddy. Can you kiss me?”

Albert leaned forward and kissed Joshua on both cheeks, then his forehead. Joshua seemed satisfied, but Albert continued on and planted a kiss right on his lips. Joshua was surprised at first, but relaxed after a moment and kissed him back. Albert reached down and put his hand under Joshua’s bottom, who leaned forward to let Albert rub and pat him. They kept kissing for a few more minutes. The motion forced Albert to breathe through his nose, and he gaged slightly. Dear god, but he did smell bad. He patted his butt again. But it was in a good way, and it really was cute. Albert could not imagine a better place. He was in his own home, kissing an adorable AB boy who had just messed his diaper and say on his lap waiting to be changed. He could deal with the smell.

After a few more minutes Albert broke off picked up Joshua again. Joshua relaxed in his arms, sucked his thumb and let himself be carried up the stairs. Albert carried him into the bathroom, lay him down and undid his diaper. He gagged audibly this time, making Joshua blush and squirm nervously. Albert apologized and kissed Joshua again, who admitted he was fighting back gags as well. They laughed and both agreed to get used to it.
Albert began to clean Joshua with a pail of baby wipes. Joshua sighed and moaned at the feeling. Soon he was clean. And Albert powdered him. He laid three diapers underneath Joshua, cut holes in the bottom of the first two and taped them all on. Joshua looked at him questioningly.

“You already told me you wet the bed, didn’t you?” Joshua nodded and apologized, ashamed. “Don’t be sorry kiddo, its ok. But I don’t want you leaking onto the bed. It’s a long night, and you may wet a lot. So I’m putting you in extra diapers so they can absorb more.” Joshua agreed it was a good idea.

Once Albert was finished, he opened the bathroom window and teasingly went through the house with febreeze as Joshua blushed and watched. When he was done, he approached Joshua again.

“Alright, its bedtime for babies. Do you want something to drink first?”

“Uhh…. Yes, Daddy.”

“Alright, here.” Albert sat him on his lap and fed him a glass of water.

Half way through, Joshua stopped drinking. “That’s enough,” he said.

“No no, finish the glass. I don’t want you getting up half way through the night, and it’s not like you’ll be needing the bathroom anyway.” Albert made him drink the rest, then two more full glasses. Joshua eyed him suspiciously and commented that he was just trying to get him to wet again, an idea which Albert firmly denied.

Once they were done, Albert carried Joshua to his bed and lay him under the covers. It was a slightly larger than a single, high above the ground and with dark covers.

“Uhh, Daddy?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“My teddy.”

“You have a teddy? Where is it?”

“You mean where is HE. And HE is in my back pack.”

“Sorry, he. And I’ll get him.” Albert picked up Joshua’s bag, which he had left beside the bathroom door, and returned with a large brown teddy bear. He held the bear in front of Joshua, making it dance a bit. Joshua giggled at the sight then reached out his arms for the bear. Albert squeezed the bears back to make it open his arms for a hug and handed it to Joshua.

“Hello Roger. Have you met Daddy?” Joshua said to the bear, which Albert guessed was named Roger. Joshua carried on a conversation with the bear as Albert turned out the lights and left.

“WAIT!” Joshua called after him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well, I’ve never been here before, and its dark, and you turned out the lights, so…”

“Are you afraid of the dark? It's ok if you are; actually I guess I should have expected it. Just tell me.”

“I am.”

“Alright, I’ll leave the light on.” Albert turned on a small lamp, and then turned to leave again.

“Alright, what is it now? You're just not going to sleep, are you?”

“The bed.”

“What about the bed?”

“It’s too high. What if I fall off? Sometimes I fall out of my own, but it’s closer to the ground. I move a lot when I sleep. I’ll get hurt!”

Albert was getting slightly frustrated. “Look Joshua, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten you a crib yet, ok? We will get to it.”

Joshua looked down sadly. “I’m sorry. I’m just scared of being hurt, that’s all. Please don’t yell at me.”

“I wasn’t yelling. You are serious, aren’t you?” Joshua nodded. “Alright, look, I will hold you, ok?” Albert crawled in behind Joshua. He put both his arms around him and lay down. Joshua was already in the fetal position, it was how he normally slept, so Albert easily cradled him between his legs and his arms. I was very comfortable for both of them, and Albert could feel Joshua’s diaper pressed up against him.

“Good night baby boy. Sleep tight.”

“Roger too.”

“Good night Roger the teddy bear.” Albert kissed them both.

“Good night daddy.” The baby drifted off into sleep in his daddy’s arms, and the daddy followed him there soon after.


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I'm surprised no one commented. this is a really good story in my opinion and the type of thing I really like, basically the characters and the whole day worked great for this type of story.


  1. Adult Baby
I think the story Is very good, even though it seems a little out there. but what story on this site isn't. The characters are easy to believe and that is a very big plus.

On the negative side, I wonder if anyone has come close to experienced a similar situation. I will acknowledge that I am denied my ab desires so I can't say too much about it.

Please write more. My opinion as to believability should carry no weight.


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I'm in the same boat as you really, I can't do much ABDL stuff either, but in all seriousness an ABDL story has to be out there to make sense (unless you writing about little kids or its a baby fur story or something)
however you have to admit that the idea of 2 abdl's hooking up and probably going a bit too far with the role play stuff had to have happened with at least a few people.
(cough pamperchu cough)


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what did pamperchu do?

also thanks for the comments :)
I know it isn't exactly realistic, few of my stories are. Frankly a 'realistic" abdl story wouldn't be too interesting too me, these are more fun. Also, I don't know how many abdl scenarios are realistic. THere are abdl couples, however.
I have written more but don't usually post to this site. If you want to see them, they are all on my profile at deviant art. (ABALex)


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Good story! As mentioned, characters are believable, and please write more! (not necessarily with the same characters of course)


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some1: thank you, I will likely be posting more. I have 2 more with these characters, "Homeword with an AB" and "The Date," as well as some others about other abdls. If they are not on here you can find them on deviantart, fetlife, or daily diapers


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Albert was a six foot tall, brown haired former hockey player with a muscular build. Joshua was much shorter with a slight build and shoulder length blond hair. He was more of an academic then a sport player, though he kept in good shape. Many people commented that they made an odd couple, but they were in the same classes at university and were meeting for a movie for the second time that week.

“Hurry up now, you’re falling behind!” Albert said, stopping to let the other catch up. “Do you want me to hold your hand?”

Joshua caught up and stopped panting beside him. Albert let him catch his breath then patted him on the bottom, encouraging him forward. He took Joshua’s hand and began walking. “Come on now. Is that padding under your shorts slowing you down?”

Joshua blushed bright red and looked around. “No… uh.. maybe just a bit,” he said. No one was near to see it. Albert would never expose him like that with people around, but it was still a scary thought.

In reality, what he was wearing did slow him down a bit. Today, it was a thick, plain white disposable diaper which forced his legs apart, making him waddle. He wore one on all of their dates. When they went out, he was allowed to wear ‘normal’ clothes over it. However, in this case the shorts Albert picked out for him did little to hide the thickness for anyone who looked closely enough. The pink MLP tea shirt did little to help, and the leather jacket he wore seemed like a joke with the rest of his outfit. He always wore the plain white diapers while outside, so that if anyone noticed he could claim a medical issue. However, Joshua knew that a pile of thick, cutely printed Cushies waited for him at Albert’s house. Not to mention a pacifier and a bottle.

“Do you really need to do that?” Joshua asked, looking down at his hand.

“Well, you have trouble keeping up. And we don’t want you getting lost, do we, kiddo?” Albert replied as he ruffled Joshua’s hair with his free hand.

“Stop calling me that! I’m the same age as you.” This was almost true. Joshua had just turned twenty one, Albert was twenty two in a month.

“Then stop so clearly enjoying it! Anyway, you act a lot longer than me. And you’re far too adorably cute for me to think of you as being my age.”

They entered the movie theatre and approached the counter. The line was fairly short and they got to the front quickly, than went to get the tickets.

“Let’s see… what’s available?” Albert asked the girl at the ticket counter.

“Uhh… a lot of people are going to see the Slasher of Elm Street.”

“No, I think that might be too scary for him. I don’t want him to have nightmares.” Albert smiled at Joshua, making him blush. “What about that one? Clownfish 2?”

“Ummm… ok. If you want to see it, I’ll get the tickets.” The girl was clearly confused at their choice of a kids movie.

Joshua reached to the inside pocket of his coat to get out his wallet. Albert stopped him half way and grabbed his wrist.

“Awww, that’s adorable! Look, he has his name written on the inside of his coat! Afraid of getting lost? Did your mommy do that for you?”
Joshua blushed again and looked away. He was doing this on purpose. “No.. uh, she has neater hand writing, see?”

“Haha of course she does.” Albert said, pinching his cheek. He turned to the ticket girl. “Isn’t he cute? You know he still sleeps with a teddy bear too.” The ticket girl started giggling in response.

“Hey! Stop it. Your being mean!” Joshua said, glaring at Albert.

“Aww, are you grouchy? Don’t worry, I know it’s not your fault, you missed your nap this afternoon. But I’ll get you in bed early tonight.”
“No… no! That’s not fair! I won’t let you!”

“Uh huh, sure.” Albert turned again to the ticket girl, who was watching the scene with a confused but bemused smile. “He is feisty, isn’t he? A tough little guy. But really all I need to do is grab him by the ear and pull him over my lap, and he’ll be saying sorry in a second. Isn’t that right Joshua?”

Joshua could only blush and look away. This was the furthest Albert had ever gone in their little games, at least while in public. Though they were the same age, Albert often treated him like a child. Joshua enjoyed it himself, but this time he was afraid Albert really would pull him over his knee and spank him right there, exposing to everyone what he was wearing. Instead of arguing, he just grabbed onto Albert’s hand again and stood close by him, looking down.

“Awww I’m sorry, I was just joking around. But put your wallet away, you know I wouldn’t let you pay.” Albert patted him on the head and paid for the tickets with his visa.

The entered the theatre and walked down the brightly lit hallway. Joshua turned his head to see the concession stand, and then looked up at Albert.

“Don’t worry kiddo, I’ll get you a treat later. First, let’s get seats.”
“What? Why can’t I go to get the food?”

“Because last time I let you decide you stood for fifteen minutes staring at the counter unable to pick a candy. Finally the server just threw a chocolate bar on you, said it was free, and let the next person go through.”

Josuha blushed. This was true. “Well, a least it was free. And it was only twelve minutes!”

“Uh huh, right. Whatever, here is out screen room. Do you need a booster seat?” Albert asked.

“No. You knew that!”

“I know, I was just kidding. Here, this is our movie.” He led Joshua by the hand into a largely empty screening room. Most of the small audience there was made up of children with their parents. Joshua figured they fit in that group in a way. A few teenagers and adult couples were spread out in the seats, so they didn’t stand out too much.

Albert took him to the back row and sat him down. Joshua was glad there were few people nearby, as loud crinkling noise came from underneath him as he sat down. “Alright, I’m going to get food. Will you be alright by yourself?” Joshua nodded. “Just stay here, don’t get out of the seat, or you might get lost. I’ll be back soon. If you get afraid, call me on your phone, but don’t go anywhere, alright? Don’t talk to strangers either. Oh, and here. I brought this for you in case you got anxious.” He put something in Joshua’s front pocket. It was a pink pacifier, Joshua noticed with a mix of glee and embarrassment. “Can you do that for me kiddo? Just stay here?”

Joshua nodded and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek. He watched Albert leave, then sat as still as possible, trying not to attract attention from any scary strangers. He went over the instructions in his mind. Just stay still, don’t talk to anyone, don’t get out of the seat, call if you need anything… He would do his best to follow them. A group of people moved by him, trying to get to seats.

“Umm, could you move please? We need to get by.” A young man seemingly in his twenties stood at the head of the group asked. He was big and wore rings in his ears. Frightened, Joshua froze completely, and didn’t make eye contact. After a moment the frightening, strange man gave Joshua a confused look. He taped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, could you move please?” Joshua remained facing forward. The man, gave a questioning glance to a girl standing behind him, who shrugged her shoulders. They moved carefully around Joshua, giving him strange looks as they passed. Joshua wanted to explain that he wasn’t allowed to move or else he might get lost, but he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers.

Now even more nervous than before, Joshua clung to the edges of his seat. He wiggled around in his diaper, feeling it against him and taking some comfort from it. Where was Albert? He didn’t usually take this long. Joshua began to panic. What if Albert went to the wrong theatre? What if something had happened? What if he forgot about him? Oh god- what if he was hurt?!

Almost in tears now, Joshua reached for his phone. He had Albert’s number saved twice under contacts, once under Albert and once under Daddy, depending on how he was feeling. Today we went for the second one, hit the button and called. He put the phone to his ear and waited anxiously, counting the rings. Three… four… five… where was he?

Finally a voice answered. “Hello?”

‘Da… uh, Albert! Are you still coming?!?!” Joshua asked with desperation evident in his voice.

“Yes yes, I’m coming. Sorry for leaving you, the line was longer than I thought. I’ll be in the theatre in a moment. If you’re worried, use that thing I gave you. Don’t be afraid kiddo, I’ll be there in a moment and it will be fine.”

“Ok Albert. I’m sorry for calling. Love you.”

“It’s alright, love you. Bye bye for now.”

Somewhat relived but still anxious, Joshua sat up higher to see the door, careful not to leave his seat so he wouldn’t get lost at the last moment. Albert was not at the door. Joshua lowered himself again, but still watched for any sign of him. He glanced around. No one was looking. Carefully, he reached into his pocket and got out the pacifier. He put it in his mouth and began sucking, careful to keep it hidden with his hand in front of his face. Maybe no one would notice if he kept his hand right in front of his mouth. It really was soothing, and Joshua relaxed a bit.

After a minute, Albert entered the theatre. Joshua could hardly contain his glee, and began to wave. A second later he remembered the pacifier, and quickly put his hand back to his mouth. Albert clearly noticed, and laughed as he approached.

“You know, it’s dark enough no one would have noticed.” Albert said, taking the pacifier from Joshua’s mouth and putting it back into his own pocket.

“Well.. I guess so.. but… uh…” Joshua fumbled for words.

“It’s ok kiddo, you’re still cute. And I guess you still are the smart one, in some ways.” Albert sat beside him and put a large popcorn on his lap. Joshua knew it was for the two of them to share. Albert then put a medium drink in his own cup holder, and another drink in Joshua’s. Except that Joshua’s was an extra large. Joshua looked at it, then turned to glare at Albert.

“What? Is something wrong?” Albert asked with a smile.

“I know why you gave me the big one.”

“Haha of course you do. See? You are the smart one. Just be sure to finish it before the end of the movie. I don’t want my money to be wasted. I brought extra diapers if you need a change.”

Joshua kept glaring at him, but reached down to drink. As it was, he usually couldn’t make it through the movie without needing the bathroom, or a diaper. With this drink, he was sure to wet several times at least. He just hoped the diaper didn’t leak.

The movie began shortly after. Albert checked both their cell phones to make sure the ringer was off. They shared the popcorn, and Joshua drank as much of the coke as he could.

About half an hour into the film Albert turned to Joshua. He held him by the shoulder and pulled him towards his chest.

“What are you doing?” Joshua asked in a hushed voice.
“Don't you want to sit on my lap?”
“uhh… ummm… Its embaressing!” Joshua said, blushing.

“No no its not. Other people are doing it too! See?” he pointed to the front row, where a small girl was sitting in her father’s lap.
Joshua bit his bottom lip. He really did want to sit in Albert’s lap. Slowly, trying not to make too much noise, he got up and climbed over. Albert put an arm around him and patted his bottom, making his diaper crinkle a bit. Joshua blushed and held on to Albert’s arm tightly.
Sitting there really was comforting. Joshua felt very small in Albert’s arms, and wiggled around in his lap. He could feel his diaper pressed against him by Albert’s knee, and rubbed up and down against the padding. A few times he even began to put his thumb toward his mouth, at which point Albert would laugh, grab his wrist, and whisper later. Soon he was engrossed by the movie, fascinated by the cartoon fish and bright colours.

After a while he began to feel the pressure in his bladder. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before he was sitting in a soaked diaper.

“Uh… Albert?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Well you know what to do. I didn’t put you into that diaper for no reason.”

“But… right on your lap”

“Yes. It will be ok, its thick enough that it won’t leak just yet.”

Joshua glanced around. He couldn’t hold it much longer, and probably wouldn’t make it to the bathroom if he tried. Not that Albert would let him try. He relaxed slightly, and began to wet his diaper. It filled up quickly with warm fluid, and Joshua had to shift uncomfortably in his own puddle before it was absorbed. Soon he was in a warm, wet diaper.

“Are you finished there sweetie? It smells like it.”


“Oh you wouldn’t know. Let me check.”

Albert undid the top button on Joshua’s shorts. Joshua could only blush and look around to ensure no one noticed as Albert felt the front of his diaper.

“Yep, you’re soaked. Don’t worry; as soon as we get home I’ll change you.”

The movie continued for another hour, during which time Joshua wet twice more. He blushed both times and squirmed uncomfortably as Albert patted him and told him it was alright. By the time the film was over and the lights came on, Joshua was completely soaked, and the padding had expanded and inch further. He was relieved to notice it hadn’t leaked and soaked his pants. However, the extra thick padding was even more noticeable then before, and the awkward toddle Joshua was forced to do was even more pronounced. Even the smell was now noticeable from a few feet way. As they left, Joshua clung tightly to Albert’s arm, looking around nervously and trying to avoid other people. This made it even more obvious that something was wrong, and Joshua blushed furiously as people glanced at him in confusion. Joshua tried to pick up the pace and hope no one would notice the clearly wet diaper boy waddling beside his care taker, but was afraid it was a lost cause.

They walked through the parking lot and to Albert’s car. Albert helped Joshua into the back seat and buckled him in. His diaper squished loudly underneath him, and Albert comforted him by saying he’d be changed soon. He went to the front and drove home.

They arrived at the house. Joshua waited to be unbuckled, than ran to the front door. He waited anxiously as Albert walked up slowly and unlocked the door. Once they were inside, Albert immediately put the pacifier back into Joshua’s mouth, took off his coat and hung it up, then removed his shorts. This left Joshua standing in only the pink MLP t shirt and clearly soaked diaper, sucking on a pacifier.

“There’s my baby! Does it feel good to be out of those silly grown up clothes?” Albert asked, tickling Joshua who giggled and nodded in response.

“Aww and it looks like baby made a wetums. Does he want a diapie change? Would that be nice?” Joshua glanced down at the diaper in surprise as if he hadn’t noticed it was wet, then nodded.

Albert picked him up, cradling him in his arms, and carried him to the bathroom. Once there, he lay him on the floor and took off the diaper. He cleaned him with baby wipes and powdered him down. He held up a diaper with blue stripes and cartoonish pictures on it.
“Does baby want this diapie? Much cuter then the last one, eh? Do you want it?” Albert asked in a high pitched voice, and Joshua nodded, smiling behind his pacifier. “Alright then.” He taped it around Joshua’s waist. “Does it feel better to finally be in a clean diaper?”
“Uh huh daddy.” Joshua moved his bottom around across the ground, luxuriating in the soft padding.

“Good, I’m glad.” Albert said, ruffling his hair again. Joshua giggled as he did. “Ok, lets get you dressed.” Albert carried Joshua to his room and opened the closet. Their baby wardrobe consisted of two onsies, which were t shirts with a diaper flap underneath, and two pairs of footed pajamas. In each case one was pink and one was blue. The blue ones had pictures of Blue’s Clues on them, the pink onsie had flowers, and the pink pajamas had pinkie pie. Along with these were a few pacifiers and any childish t shirts they could find, ranging from carton ones to ABDL ones with “Baby” written across the chest.

“Well, its your bedtime anyway, and I know how much you like the ponies.” Albert took out the pinkie pie pajamas, making Joshua laugh and clap his hands. They really were his favorite. Albert pulled Joshua’s feet into it and did up the buttons.

“Alright, now I told you you’d have an early bed time. Get your diapered but in its bed, kiddo.”

“Buh.. buh.. It’s still light out!” he was right, though the sun was almost below the horizon.

“Yes, but we don’t want you being cranky again, do we? No don’t argue with daddy, get in your crib!” Albert lifted up Joshua and lay him down in a baby sized crib they had found at a yard sale. Joshua was short for his age, but still curled up tightly to fit in. However, he still loved it, and it had all his stuffed animals inside it. He hugged a teddy bear as Albert tucked him in.

“Good night baby boy. Love you.”

“Goodnight daddy” Joshua said, and drifted off to sleep.

- - - Updated - - -

Albert stared at the pages, trying to make sense of the sentences on the table in front of him. “A man flips two coins, hoping to get both heads. He knows at least one is a head. What is the probability that both are heads?” How the heck was the answer anything but ½? There must be some trick to it. Albert racked his fingers through his dark brown hair, trying to figure it out. He drank from the glass of water he kept nearby, and continued.
A pair of light footsteps came pattering up. “Daddy” a voice to his left said. Albert tried to concentrate on his work.

“Daaadddyyy,” the voice said again.
Albert sighed and turned to see Joshua standing beside him. He was wearing only a pink t shirt with a teddy bear on it over his Cushies diaper. In his hand he held a baby blue pacifier. Despite the fact that Albert was seated and Joshua standing, his head only came up to Albert’s chest, and he stared up at Albert with sad blue eyes. “What is it Joshua?” Albert asked.
“Come and play with me” Joshua said, looking at him pleadingly and sucking on his own fingertips.
“I told you, I can’t tonight. I said it was alright if you stayed but I had to work, remember?” Albert said.
“BUT I WANT TO PLA—AYY!!!!” Joshua complained “Here, you can be the dragon, I have the dinosaur. They are fighting with the pirate over the knight’s armour, and he’s dead.” Joshua held up a stuffed dragon for Albert.
“Wha… oh never mind. I can’t now. Go play with your teddy bear. Roger.” Albert added the name, Joshua got upset when he forgot to.
“I can’t. I gave Roger a time out.”
“What? You gave the bear a…” Albert turned, mouth agape, to see Joshua’s high chair turned to face a corner of the room. In it say his teddy bear.
“Yes, like you did to me last week, remember? Rupert knocked over one of the vases, so I punished him.”
“Joshua did you knock over the vase in the living room again?”
“No, Rupert did.” Joshua stared at Albert with a completely serious look in his eyes, seeing nothing wrong with the idea of a teddy bear knocking things over.
“Well, whatever. Just go play on your own for now, ok? I turned your cartoons on already.”
“But I don’t want to watch cartoons! I want to play!”
“JOSHUA! I told you to go. You are being a bad baby. No leave me alone or I’ll spank you.”
“Eeeeppp!” Joshua said, running of, diaper crinkling loudly as he went.
Albert sighed and returned to his work. Much as he loved Joshua, he couldn’t spend every moment with him. It was time consuming enough to change the 20 year old baby’s diapers and help him with what seemed like every aspect of normal life. Albert needed time for school work (which Joshua, despite his marks, never seemed to spend much time on) and they had agreed that night they would forget the roles and be quiet. Joshua really was acting up by interfering.
As he worked, Albert heard Joshua’s footsteps and the crinkling of his diaper as he walked around the house. They went into the kitchen, and he heard the fridge open. It shut, and the footsteps went back into the living room where Joshua’s toys were kept. What was he doing?
Half an hour later, the footsteps approached again.
“Daaadddyyyy” Joshua said.
“What is it now Joshua?”
“Daddy I need a diaper change,” Joshua replied shyly.
“Really? Oh.. ewwww…” the smell had suddenly became obvious, and Albert plugged his nose. Joshua blushed slightly and looked away. From the smell, he had made quite the mess in his diaper.
“Pwease dada?” Joshua asked, trying to sound cute. “Its stinky.”
“Yes I realize that. But I already told you I can’t do anything tonight. Go away stinky boy.”
“But daddy! I’ll get a rash.”
“No you won’t, not for a while. And you can change yourself.”
“But… babies don’t change themselves… do they? Actually can I?”
Albert thought better of it. The last few times Joshua had tried to change himself, the diaper had either fallen off or leaked. “No, not after last time. Sorry kiddo, you’ll have to wait. Also, you are just doing this for attention. I know you drank the prune juice in the fridge. It’s your own fault. Maybe sometime in a messy diaper will teach you a lesson.”
Joshua folded his arms and let out a huff. Then he walked up to Albert and started tugging on his arms. “Come on! Play with me! And change me!”
Albert tried to ignore him. In response, Joshua climbed up onto the table and crawled in front of him, placing his messy diaper as close as possible to Albert’s face, making him gag. “Stupid homework. You should spend more time with babies,” Joshua said.
“Ewww, get down! Joshua that smell is disgusting.”
“Then change me! How do you think I feel, I’m the one sitting in it. It’s your own fault anyway. ”
“No it’s not, you’re doing it to annoy me. Keep this up kiddo and I will punish you.”
“Uh huh, you always say that and you never actually have. You ignored me and now you have a stinky baby boy to deal with. What are you going to do?”
“Joshua, you’re being a brat! Get down or I really will spank you.”
“Nu uhh! You have to change me or live with the smell.” Joshua turned his butt toward Albert, and in doing so, knocked over the glass of water. “Oops” Joshua said as water soaked Albert’s notes.
“You know what, BAD BABY!” Albert lifted Joshua off the table, backed his chair up, and pulled the squirming boy over his lap. He raised his hand and brought it down on Joshua’s messy diaper. Joshua squeaked in surprise, he had never expected to actually be spanked.
“Wha… what are you doing? No spankings! I’m sorry!” Joshua said as Albert continued to smack his padded rear. The spanking hurt, and, perhaps worse, mushed and spread the mess in Joshua’s diaper around, making the already uncomfortable garment even worse.
When he was finished, Albert stood Joshua on the ground facing the corner and told him to stay in place. He left, and returned with a few supplies. He had received a few abdl toys from his more bondage oriented friends. Joshua didn’t like them, and he never used them except as actual punishment. First, he wrapped masking tape around the waist of Joshua’s diaper, ensuring he’d stay in the mess all night. He placed a pacifier inside Joshua’s mouth and secured it behind his head with a strap and lock, leaving him unable to speak. He put Joshua’s hands inside locking mitts that left them useless. Finally, he dressed Joshua in a short pink skirt and matching baby bonnet. Though Joshua looked effeminate and often wore pink, he had never wanted to wear skirts and was embarrassed by the overtly feminine clothes. Especially with his long hair, the skirt made it difficult to tell what gender he really was.
Joshua blushed, sucked his pacifier glumly and looked at Albert. Albert picked him up again, this time carrying him to the high chair. He took Joshua’s bear out and sat him in its place. Joshua’s diaper squished loudly underneath him as the mess was forced against him. He squirmed, the combination of a messy diaper and a sore bottom making the seat extremely uncomfortable. He turned and stared sadly at Albert.
“Stop squirming! Now listen Joshua, tonight you were a very bad baby. So you are going to have a time out until I say you learned your lesson. When I do let you out, you are staying in the messy diaper and skirt. Until then, no talking, no toys, no moving around. Just sit and face the corner. Understood?”
Joshua nodded sadly, and turned to face the corner. Albert returned to his chair to work on his homework.
As the time passed, Joshua became more and more uncomfortable. The high chair didn’t leave much room for movement, and there was no space for him to raise himself up and out of the mess in his diaper. The smell added to the problem, and he tried to breath as little as possible.
Albert looked up at the sorry diaper boy from time to time. Perhaps he had over reacted. The poor baby looked miserable! But he had been acting up, and to go back now would encourage further behaviour. Albert noticed a tear going down Joshua’s face, and he began sniffling quietly.
Albert sighed and walked over. He began removing the tray from the high chair to let Joshua out. “Alright, listen. I think you’ve learned your lesson. You can get rid of the pacifier gag and mittens and go play with your toys. But you’re keeping the bonnet, skirt, and stinky diaper. No more misbehaviour, ok?”
As soon as his feet hit the ground and the pacifier was out, Joshua began bawling. He jumped up and hugged Albert. “I’M SORRY! I’m sorry I was a bad baby! I’ll never do it again! Please don’t hate me! I love you!” He buried his face into Albert’s chest, crying.
“There there sweetie. I don’t hate you. I just have to be strict sometimes when you act up. I still love you.”
“Really?” Joshua looked up into his eyes, sniffling.
“Really” Albert replied.
“Ok Daddy. What is it you are working on, anyway?”
“What? Uh… homework,” the abrupt change in subject surprised Albert and he wasn’t sure what to say.
“Let me see Daddy.” Before Albert could stop him, Joshua waddled over to his work. “Oh Daddy! This is easy! Why’s it taking so long?”
“It’s not easy and move aside,” Albert said, sitting down at the table to keep working.
“Yes it is! Here, I’ll do it for you.” Joshua grabbed the pen from Albert’s hand and began scribbling on the pages, filling in blanks and writing down numbers.
“NO! Joshua I have to do this myself and learn it.”
“Then I’ll teach you. Here, move over.” Joshua climbed onto Albert’s lap and sat down, then kept writing. Albert sighed and leaned back. With Joshua’s back to him, the smell from his diaper was very strong.
“Ok Joshua that’s enough. I’m sorry but you’re really stinky and its getting hard to breath. Go play somewhere el… hey what the?!?!” Albert had suddenly noticed that Joshua filled the first page of his work. It always surprised him. Despite the fact that he wore diapers both for fun, and, at times for necessity, needed Albert to change his diapers and feed him, he played with children’s toys and watched cartoons, and that he had next to no understanding of most of everyday life, Joshua was still probably the smartest person Albert knew. It was an odd match when he was smarter than the person who changed him and essentially took care of him.
“Well if you don’t like having a stinky baby on your lap perhaps you shouldn’t lock them in messy diapers, hmmm? Daddy how could you put this? It’s like saying 2+2 = 10. It just doesn’t make sense. Kind of like not changing me then complaining about the smell. Silly Daddy.” Joshua turned around and bopped him on the head. He turned back to keep working and wiggled around on Albert’s lap. Albert wasn’t sure if he was wiggling to get comfortable or if he thought it would make the smell worse and convince him to change him.

Albert watched as Joshua went through each question and explained how it worked. It really did make more sense now. Also, it always felt nice to have Joshua sitting on his lap, especially when he was in his pampers.
“Now this one… Hey Daddy? Can I have some coffee?” Joshua asked, noticing the mug beside Albert’s papers.
“No. Definitely not.” Albert replied sternly.
“What? Why not?” Joshua whined.
“Because it’s not good for babies. Do you remember the last time I gave you coffee?”
Joshua pondered the implications for a moment. “What did happen?”
“You don’t want to know. Just never visit the Starbucks near the train station.”
Joshua shrugged and went back to work, continuing to explain each step.
Soon the work was finished, and Joshua turned excitedly to Albert.
“Daddy, Daddy! Can we play now?” Joshua asked, bouncing up and down on Albert’s lap.
“I don’t know Joshua. It’s getting late.”
“Awww but you said we could,” Joshua pouted.
“No I didn’t!”
“Fine, if you want to split hairs. Well, you said you couldn’t play with me because of homework, now you have no homework, so you should play. I helped you do it anyway. And I know you want to have fun with a cute baby bo… errr…. Girl,” Joshua corrected himself in a higher voice, remembering the skirt.
“Well, I don’t know. Usually the baby GIRLS aren’t this stinky,” Albert said teasingly, plugging his nose.
“Quiet! If you want me to smell better, change me. Now will you play or not?”
“Alright sweetie. Let’s go,” Albert said, kissing Joshua’s forehead.
“YAAAYYY!” Joshua grabbed Albert’s hand and ran off, messy diaper crinkling and skirt flailing, to play.