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its strange how these things happen. i was a DL sub fetishist for a while and now thanks to a long term history of training constipation there is a risk of possible faecal incontinence unless actin is taken.
So i am taking actin and also want to connect with others who understand. i also suspect that urinary incontinence might be on its way.
So I guess that for both the medical and the sexual reasons, I had better connect with friends here to protect myself for the future.

so hello again.

Hello dlissexy and welcome back.
Welcome back dlissexy.

Good luck with the medical issues.

What types of music do you like?
Music? A little of everything. I listen to dance when dong the cleaning, I listen to classical at the end of the day pop and indie if I feel like it, but you cant beat some classic hard rock. I also enjoy electronica as the skill in composition is something to be admired and Digital is pure composition skills without the human performance element as interference.
I'm the same - I dip into all different kinds of music from classical to heavy metal.
I think in the old days your music was kinda like your badge of honour. It marked yo out as a person that thought a certain way, lived a certain type of life and had certain views Maybe in some subcultures it still has that role, but sometimes you can just learn to enjoy it, read more into it with every time you dip into it and learn at your own pace. There is tonnes fo stuff I don't know about music to be honest and sometimes the whole art history of a music can be fascinating but also very demanding.
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