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JJ Saying Hi

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Format taken form spddan's post

1) Hello! Who are you?
Hello I'm JJ. I am a layed back kind of guy, easy going, and like to laugh. Currently work in an office for a manufacturing company. Its an OK job and pays the student loan bills. But I am currently working on pursuing my dreams when I get home from work.

2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)
The fact that I still have interest in the things I did as a kid. Won't go into anymore detail for this post.

3) What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)
Being outside. Riding my bike on trails, talking walks on warm days, playing volley ball, snowboarding in the winter time. I have more than this but I don't want this to be really long.

4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?
I am looking for others to spend time with enjoying the days. Should our diaper/little interests cross over that's OK but I want to make friends first and foremost in the "normal" way. Friendships that aren't built all on diapers.

Happy to talk to anyone about anything else.

Hey, welcome.

I'm also new here.

As an outdoorsy person, are you excited for spring?! Or do you miss the winter sports?
I think I'm starting to resent winter as I haven't been skiing in 6 years :'(

Anyway, glad to meet you!
I may start to miss snowboarding in a few weeks since I only really get to enjoy it 2 months out of the year if the weather is good. But I am definitely not going to miss having to bundle up in 4 or 5 layers (thermal shirt, long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, sweater, coat) just to go out. Looking forward to biking on some trails again though and taking walks in the evenings.

- JJ
Hiya GuyInBallwinMO,
Sorry I am not an out doors man,
But I do like Bike Riding, Hiking on the rooks on the beach or in the , and swimming.
I would like to welcome you to ADISC.
I have technically been to the beach but I was only 8 months old when I went and haven't been back since. That is why I am going to say that I have never been to the beach. But I really want to go sometime. I don't mind swimming either for that matter just don't really have a place to do it. I remember swimming a lot when I was kid though.

- JJ
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