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[Java] (Bi)Monthly Programming Challenge, anyone interested?

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First off before I go any further I'm going to make it clear that this thread is directed more at the older more experienced members who are involved in computer science, especially in Java.

If any of you would want to volunteer to give monthly or bi-monthly challenges for programming for other members, it would be greatly appreciated if you (whoever you are!) could do this...that is if this thread gets any support or attention at all.

Essentially our volunteer whoever would give the other members who are not yet fluent in programming or are still amateurs (myself included) programming challenges once or twice a month that help these members practice Java.

How it would work is whoever is the one giving the challenge would review our code run it, test it, etc. and then grade it on the traditional(A, B, C...) scale and of course critique the code.

Things he or she would be looking for would be things such as:

-Try/catch statements
-Errors (or lack thereof)
-Anything else he or she sees fit to be judged on

Those of us taking part in the challenge would simply compile our code and upload it to a site like mediafire, or use the
tags on the forum (obviously with spoiler tags!).


A little insight for my reasoning behind this:

I'm getting ready to take the AP Java test this year, personally I know I'm more then ready for it, but I'm naturally lazy and can't stick with something without motivation and something like this would be perfect for keeping me to keep up with practice, and so I can get into the habit myself of commenting more.


So if you're interested in volunteering give an example of your experience(I don't care how, but prove you know what you're talking about)and post here, I'll be in touch with you via PM.

And if anyone is interested in the challenge itself, it's open for everyone but is made for the younger/inexperienced members(inexperienced != bad/stupid/etc just lack of practical programing experience) to practice, though being able to compare and learn from someone's code who is more experienced then you is always a plus!

--Typed this all on my iTouch, so don't crucify me over spelling errors/grammar, trust me it annoys me enough that I'm aware of them--


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--I'm typing on my iPod Touch too! (iPod Touch != iTouch) (iTouch == getBeatenByPojo)--

Anyway, I'd love to do this.

I'm in computer science 3 AP/GT.

No, I'm not a great programmer. My school has Comp. Sci 1, and then the next level is Comp. Sci. 3 AP/GT. There's no other choice. =)

Proof of my ! falseness would be my use of java lingo && the thread I've got ontbis very subforum. :D

I think I'd mostly take the challenges. But I'd also enjoy throwing up a few challenges of my own, as well as grade as well as I can. :)


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Interesting idea, though I find it strange that you want an example that people know what they're doing.. then go on to say that you're going for inexperienced programmers :p.

Anyway, why Java only?
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I wouldn't call myself an experience coder, the last time I did any serious work was in high school. But I'd love to play as a contestant, even though all my reference material is in a packing crate somewhere between the Port of Yokohama and the Port of Long Beach. (Transoceanic moves suck).
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I have to admit im a bit rusty, havn't used java in over a year. so i might to this challange if i find time.
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@Chevre, the proof is for whoever is judging the code, not the participants, sorry if I wasn't clear on that.

My thinking was to have those of us who are not as experienced, myself included, learn from someone with more experience (that person being the judge of it all).

Edit: Fixed for gramarz and stuff now that I'm home
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