Japanese Learning Blog Week 3 - Friendship is Mahou


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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. Hope you're all having an awesome day.

I only recently got back from a trip where I was staying with a friend for a few days so I haven't gotten that much in the way of studying done this past week. I've largely just been reviewing vocab with my favourite flashcard app, Anki. Although I did go on something of a downloading spree yesterday. You can't just learn a language via textbooks, therefore, I downloaded several manga and video games in Japanese to learn more as well as reinforce what I already have. But the most important download I made was the first season of MLP FiM in Japanese! I found it on a site called Yayponies. They've only got the first four seasons in Japanese but that's still better than nothing.

I know I won't understand ninety-eight percent of what the characters are saying but I'm still excited to watch it. My listening skills are absolute garbage and I really could do with the practice. And what better way to practice than with a show I love? I've downloaded the first season and I'm gonna try watching it tomorrow. Tomorrow is actually my birthday and watching MLP and maybe playing some games in Japanese sound like a fun way to spend the day to me (I already celebrated with my friends last weekend. There may have been Vodka involved).