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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. Hope you're all having an awesome day.

Been a very productive week! I just finished the section in my textbook on comparisons. I can say "Tokyo has a larger population than Osaka" with the help of no hou ga and yori and "This briefcase is not as heavy as that one" with the help of hodo.

I liked the section where they talked about how to say something is as much as something else like "This painter is about as famous as Picasso" because they talked about more casual ways to say it. To onaji kurai is the phrase to use in this situation but you can also just use kurai or, to be even more casual, gurai. I love it when courses cover slang and more casual ways of speaking because folks typically don't talk like textbooks. My language journey would be so much easier if they did. I remember reading some chapters of Yu-Gi-Oh and being so confused by the way this one character was talking only to later learn he was just using a very gruff and casual form of Japanese that's actually quite common in manga and anime.

The next section seems to focus a lot on the de particle. I would say I largely know its main uses but I'm still going to read through this part. I might learn something new, after all. Actually I have no doubt I will.

I'm gonna read a little more of my textbook before heading off for bed. おやすみ!
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