Japanese Learning Blog Week 22 - My End of Year Goal


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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. Hope you're all having an awesome day.

I've largely spent this week just been reviewing stuff I've learned in the past so that I don't forget it. Memorizing them adjective conjugations, baby.

So, I use this app called HelloTalk that's basically like Facebook for language learners. Pretty sure I've talked about it before. Anywho, it's great because you make status post type things in the language you're learning and then people can click on your status and correct any mistakes you've made. That feature also exists in DMs. I freaking love it and I'm making it my goal to post something at least once a day from now on there. I'm still a little too insecure about my language skills to talk to people but making status posts should help get me used to speaking it more. My posts on there have been pretty sporadic so far but I swear I'm gonna start using it regularly now.

I will mostly be posting about food and the neighbourhood cats and dogs I see when I go on walks. And I vow that by the end of this year I'm gonna be comfortable enough to have actual conversations with native speakers. It'll probably mostly be about food and animals but still it's a start.