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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. Hope you're all having an awesome day.

Not much of anything exciting to say with most of what I've been doing just involves me reinforcing grammar points and vocab I've learned in the past via flash cards. There's always a few words I struggle to remember. I spent way too long on trying ro remember 渡る(to go across). But outside of that I would like to say I've finally begun watching the Japanese dub of MLP which I downloaded bloody months ago. And it's with no subtitles whatsoever! Outside of the opening and ending themes which have the lyrics on the bottom of the screen which was nice. The opening theme absolutely slaps, by the way. I love it. It's so cute.

I'll admit I couldn't understand ninety-five percent of what anyone was saying. Caught a few words and phrases here and there but that was about it. Still, it was fun and good listening practice and I did learn a few words.

I thought for a fun little change I might make a vocab list of some of the common words used in the first few episodes I saw. These are words I already knew going in (getting way too giddy when I recognised them) and if you're studying Japanese you probably know them too. Most are some of the very first words a lot of courses and textbooks teach you, after all. Still, maybe you'll learn something new that'll come in handy if you decide to watch a cartoon full of technicolour ponies.

Apple - りんご (Ringo)

Country - 国 (Kuni)

Friend - 友達 (Tomodachi)

Future - 未来 (Mirai)

Party - パーティー (Paatii)

Pony - ポニー (Ponii)

Happy - 嬉しい (Ureshii)

Letter - 手紙 (Tegami)(Not a letter of the alphabet but one that you send. Like the letters sent between Twilight and Celestia)

Magic - 魔法 (Mahou)

Moon - 月 (Moon)

Sister - 姉妹 (Shimai)

Sun - 太陽 (Taiyou)

I think I'll make more vocab lists in the future from media I'm consuming, maybe of words I actually learned from them instead of ones I already knew and simply recognised.

I am now going to do some dishes. Pixels out!
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Ooh love it! I’m gonna watch MLP in Czech. Trying to learn that now
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It's definitely a good show to learn a language. And I'm totally not saying that because I'm biased. Ignore my avatar.
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I actually used the show in my senior thesis as a tool to teach social skills.
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That's actually really cool. This show is turning out to be more educational than I thought.
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