Japanese Learning Blog Week 17 - Who's Your Daddy?


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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. I hope you're all having an awesome day.

So, last week I mentioned finding a site full of fairytales in Japanese. I've been actually on the hunt for more reading material that isn't just manga and I kind of put that site I mentioned on the backburner because I found another even better site called Tadoku. It has graded readers, perfect for you beginners out there. And while it does have books you can buy, it also has a ton of freebies, especially for the earlier grades. I'm in the grade zero section, toddler type stuff, and it'll probably take me a while to get through them all. Seriously, they've got, like, forty seven free grade zero readers and I've only read about a dozen. Maybe once I've read them all I'll make a list of my favourites.

Speaking of favourites, of the ones I've read so far, the very first book posted is actually one of the better ones I've read. It's called Boku no Otousan (My Dad). It's got a simple premise: you're given a pic of a baby animal that asks "Who is my dad?" and underneath are four pictures of animals with a sentence or two describing what the dad is like with you having to pick which animal best matches the description. It's very simple and it's not like you'd exactly need the description to pick the right dad (pretty sure the Simba looking kid's dad isn't the orange cat with stripes). It's a good book because you'll learn the names of several animals as well as body parts and describing words. Not to mention the sentence structure is incredibly simple. Again, this is a baby book so it makes sense.

I should warn you a lot of the books don't look that good with either meh illustrations or photos slapped on there not really caring about looking good or blending. But they do their job. You're here for the writing in the end, after all. You'll learn some new common vocab and reinforce simple grammar you already know. Overall, it's a great site and I can't wait to read the rest so that I can make my Japanese baby book tier list. And, between you and me, if I had a little who was also learning Japanese, I could totally see myself reading some of these to them.

I am now going to make some coffee in my Ben 10 mug and play video games. Yay! Video Games!

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