Japanese Learning Blog Week 12 - Stardew Valley Invaded By Furries


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Greetings, lovely littles and diapered delinquents. Hope you're all having an awesome day.

A while back I was absolutely addicted to Stardew Valley and recently I've been wanting to play it again. Guess what I remembered when I started up the game? Stardew Valley has a Japanese version. Squee! I'm not very far in the game, only on day eight, but I think it's safe to say this is a great game to play for language learners. After all, while Stardew Valley has some fantasy elements, at its core, it's a simple story about a farmer moving to a new town and making friends.

Its slice of life-ness means characters talk about pretty normal stuff that's easy to follow and and the fact it's centered around a farm means you'll be learning a lot of names for livestock and crops. I learned the Japanese word for parsnip is parsnip. I would say the amount of kanji can be overwhelming but if you know your radicals then they're easy enough to look up.

Now for the important part. I downloaded a mod that changed all the characters to furries. It's the greatest decision I have ever made in my entire life. And because the mod is only cosmetic and doesn't change any text in the game it's compatible with any language you choose to play in. You can get it here. I also got one that turns the farmer character into a wolf. You can get that mod here.

I wanted to end this blog by posting some screenshots from my game showing off my wolfy boi and how the Japanese language looks but taking screenshots on this laptop can be a total bitch so I'll save that for next week. Instead I'll just post an image of all the furry portraits the characters get if you download that first mod. I love it :3