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Okay so, a few days ago I watched an episode of Top Gear that took place in Japan. That got me thinking that European diapers are fairly common in the US, but what about Japanese diapers? Anyone got any favorites?
Wow... You got that from watching Top Gear? :) cool! That show generally just leaves me thinking about how desperate I am to save enough money to buy (or steal? Kidding!) a Ferrari!

Of the Japanese brands, I have pretty much liked them all. I think they have all been fabric backed, but somehow a different feeling to the western cloth backed products. A bit more crisp and rustly feeling fabric. I also like their tabs. They do some really great Velcro tabs. They grip well, and really can be refastened many times.

I just found myself sometimes needing a size bigger than my western products (L instead of M).

Not easy to come by, but when I get the chance I will be buying more.
I saw some Hello Kitty brand disposable underwear when I was in Tokyo airport about a month ago. I guess it goes to show that they had Hello Kitty everything and also that their population is aging quite rapidly.
Adult Diapers are better sellers than baby diapers now in Japan. While I haven't found a quality diaper, I have found some decent plastic-backed diapers in stores there.
The Japanese brands were bright and colorful, but I could never read the packaging to figure out what I was getting. I know from Google translator that they had good diapers available, but did not find any myself in stores. Probably a matter of finding the right store with a large enough selection. Usually ordered from US vendors and paid expensive shipping prices.

Was happy my stay in Japan was temporary for this and other reasons. Cost being one of them.
Soakingboy said:
Wow... You got that from watching Top Gear? :) cool!
Haha, yeah I watch too much Top Gear. POOOOWAAAHHH! :D
So do the diapers prevent moisture seeping through like plastic-backed AND have tapes that refasten several times? Sounds like a win-win.
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