I've started to remember more of my past...

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I've been thinking and reading the How did you get your first diaper(s) and other posts, I said in my introduction post:

FluffyMastiff said:
So, I think I'm a DL. I've been thinking about them for the past few months and have wanted to try it out.

I think that I've had the want to wear diapers/pull-ups for much longer than that. I'm slowly remembering me taking diapers from family members. I think I had the notion that it was taboo to wear them at such a old age and stopped doing it because I was scared that I would get caught at home.

Thinking back now, I've even taken a couple of panties. I think I was around 10 years old at when I took the panties.

I think that I'm slowly getting back those regressed (??) memories now since I've been wearing almost 24/7 for 5 or 6 days now.

I made a post about diapers.com discreetness. I ordered some panties for trying out a LG play regression. I vaguely remember playing with a purse (4-5 years old). When I was a bit older 8-10 years old, being at cousins house during summer vacation, (1 male cousin and 3 female cousins), when my male cousin wasn't able to play, I would play with the girls, and we would play with barbies and other girl toys. I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed the war games much more. Even now, I really don't do a lot of girly things, but I have thought about it. Thing is I highly doubt I'm a CD, but I do like the cute girly panties over boring boy boxers (what I wear now). I hate whitey-tighties and I stopped wearing them in high school.

I really don't remember dressing up as a girl, other than the couple of times with those panties that I stole from a cousin who was about 5 years younger than me.

I might not be correct yet, but I am a DL (maybe with AB/DL), but I think I might be a LG/sissy too. I might be getting something confused though. I'm not bi or gay that I know of. I know that I would like to get a girl friend, and hope she isn't put off by this. But the ones I've even tried taking to from middle school to now always puts me off saying the cliche things (eww, creep, I've got a hair appointment, I'd rather die, etc... I'm so used to that, it doesn't really phase me any more, but it still does hurt quite a bit.)

The past 6 days or so have been a lot of information to take in for my already taxed brain over trying to find a job and how I'm going to be able to keep up with bills and stuff when my credit card gets maxed out.

This probably makes since to most of you. But I'm not even really sure what I'm trying to say since I've dealing with, yet, another night of insomnia. When I bought my bag of pull-ups the other day, I went to a different store and got me some ZzzQuil to help, but I'm still not sure about it. I haven't taken any yet, as I'm not fond of taking medicine if I don't need to (usually only take Acetaminophen when I have headaches/migraines)

I don't know maybe I'm just ranting or trying to vent to clear my head. :shrug:

Thanks for listening :)
Your looking for a friend to lisson to .
That can mabey understand your feelings .
There are a lot of us that can be like you in ways there are no set way of being we are a mix of AB ,DL, Sissy, Cross dresser, what ever.
There is no right or wrong just is.
Like you I hate mens clothing its bland I love colour girls stuff is colourful Im not into pink .
Playing with girls can influence you for shure and the past can make you into who you are today.

You are welcome to be who you are here your among friends here we make a vast melting pot of like minds .
There are kid clothing i wish I could wear but sadly not a kid .
Dont worrie there are a lot of guys that like the panties Im not brave to try a pair .
Its like 60 % have tryed them in there life so your ok there.

The pamper thing is harder but there are a lot that found a partner thats ok with it but takes an open minded person.
Take care your ok like many here. Watch the credit card use that can get you in a big hole.
AB, DL, Sissy, LG and so on and so forth - these all have ranges from 0 to 100% as well as definitions that are not agreed upon.

So, you can basically be DL and have a little CD or LG in the mix. Or not. In the final analysis thou - who cares? Dress and act as you feel like and is appropriate for the occasion.

Good luck.
Thank you both, all good points.

I know it its not bad, not weird, crazy, taboo, etc. I think I was just trying to get my mind clear, all at once, of so many things from over the years.

I think it worked and that's all that matters :)
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