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When I look in the comments section on YouTube, when I watch ABDL videos, depending on what they are about, what they show and who is talking, we get 2 kinds of comments.

We get mean comments on the TLC and Taboo adult babies, the Jerry springer show Bret, "news pages" and basically videos showing ABDL in action like blond boy and some others maybe. They get scared when they see it in action so they post mean comments or solely because a highly biased person has spoken their thoughts so they think just because he/she has posted the video or commented that they are all right and the other group is wrong! Blond boy takes things to the extreme when showing his lifestyle to the point of showing diaper changes and other various aspects. Check out his channel and you will see why, I still think his content is good though, but his content to outsiders will make him look "freaky" and I have even seen a video of his "changing my diaper" video on a channel that looks at cringes.! This is why I don't show me being a adult baby too much, I will show me playing with toys but not in a clear shot of me in a diaper. I don't want that trouble or negative publicity.

On the other hand, support videos like mine and other ABDL's like baby mitchy and Matties AB world have good comments only because we put ABDL in a good light, o.k. Mattie wears a diaper on show on his video but he doesn't go to the extreme of showing a diaper change! Hint,hint! They explain clearly what a ABDL is and the thoughts behind it and what we really want out of our lifestyle. We don't just show us being in little space. We show what was behind our ABDLism.
I think the channels that show our community in a positive light are more often viewed mostly by those within our community so they get less hate by measure of less mainstream exposure. The shock value type videos that come from outside our community (even if they feature community members) simply get more mainstream exposure. Because they are getting more views from outside the community they have a much greater chance of being misunderstood and receive hateful and ignorant comments. It is quite sad but most people will never understand us and continue to sling hate when presented the opportunity.
I think the reason why so many normal people react the way they do is because there's isn't enough easing in to it. When I have watched the abdl stuff that have been shown to the mainstream, it's usualy dead on. BOM! Full on with diapers, pacifiers, crib, little space, the whole deal. If you live a life where all baby stuff is left behind by the age of 5, it's VERY shocking. Heck, having a guy on tv saying that he loves diapers and just showing his stash without seeing him wearing it might still be shocking for the normies.
whats your youtube and I love mat hes amazing
My YouTube channel is called "angelic1998" I am just starting off and I may not post until I feel ready because last month my mum died and I talk about her a lot in my videos since she was tried her best but my early memories of her ween't that great.
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