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Hello all I'm not so good at this sort of thing but here goes

For starters I'm a bigger on size Sissy/DL and dabble a little in the AB side not much though, I enjoy anything car related, i love gaming with console and Pc.

I'm looking to get out of this a new sence of love for what I am and what I do surrounding my feelings towards diapers ( mostly Girls Goodnites, molicare super plus, and Always extra absorbent Pull-ups ), and women's clothes ( I like to fully dress 😉 bras, panties, tight girls jeans, and mostly waist length cute shirts ), I'm always looking to connect with people who have the same interests as me to help me be more comfortable in doing it, ive been doing it since I was 5 but only recently have I had the ability to buy clothes and diapers so I'm getting the feel of it and learning as I go along and I hope to meet a bunch of wonderful people

Thank you in advance ☺
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