It's My Birthday :D

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I feel kinda weird and selfish for posting about this, but I turned 21 today!

Overall it was pretty sweet! I got my first paycheck from my new job, my girlfriend brought over lots of pretty balloons to play with (shown below), and got me all padded up!

She also got this super cute couple piece of art commissioned, and I squeed so hard when I saw it for the first time x3

Thanks again for the festivities, SpringSongbird <3

(Art credit:

Marka said:
Well... you only get to be 21 once (unless, of course you're 42, 63 or, 84 :p )

Enjoy it responsibly!

Happy birth-day to you!

Wow happy 21st!

That's lovely of your girly, very cute and cool pic!
Happy 21st Birthday, Legolas. Have fun! Enjoy your day!
WOW thanks for sharing your special day with us. :)
happy 21st birthday :hugs:
Aggreed, Happy Birthday Legolas!
Congrats on turning 21. I'll be turning 21 in April.
Also I have to say you are quite lucky to have such a loving girlfriend, knowing me, i'll probably just be a loner, that aside, best of luck to you this year!

Happy birthday hope you have a great time.

Happy Birthday!:laugh:
Happy Birthday!
Sounds like a good birthday to me.

Have a good one. :)
Ah....21 is such a wonderful age so Happy Birthday! When you get to be my age, you think your friends are coming over, but they get chased away by hundreds of vultures who are just waiting for you to kick off. Oh well......
Oh my gosh, thank you everyone for all the replies! I went off for a day to come back to this massive thread! :'D
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