It's just a simple story about me !


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It's my first post, so I don't know where to start!

It's just a past story, but I'm just going to write it down!

I had a brain lesion when I was young.. but it Fortunately, my doctor gave me a complete cure for it, and I only thought so!!

However, after a long time, the symptoms of urinary incontinence began to appear without realizing it, and there was a big problem in my daily life.

And as a result of various tests, another nerve damage to the brain was found, and I was diagnosed that I couldn't treat it right now, and I was devastated.

After suffering from a lot of stress and despair for seven to eight years, I accidentally found out the charm of diapers, so my stress was relieved.

And now I'm still trying to like the diapers I use, and as a result, I've arrived at this forum.

There are many good people here, and there is a lot of information, so I visit several times a day and try to talk a lot on discode!!

I was gibbering. Anyway, this is my incontinence story, and this is a diaper-friendly program right now.

(Now I'm thinking about how to end this sentence.....)

That's what happened anyway! Thank you so much for reading my gibberish story!


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Hello, thanks for sharing your story with us. Hope you feel welcome & at home here to help you any way it can.