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So today I wanted to buy myself my first pack of diapers. The situation was ideal - both my flatmates were out and my boyfriend was out with a friend, but he returned sooner than I expected, so I didn't get to do it and I was pretty disappointed. I could actually tell my boyfriend that I want to buy diapers and he would be ok with it. He knows about my DL side and even though he isn't DL, he supports me. He even offered to buy diapers for me when I first told him that it's something I'm interested in. But I just don't want to talk about it too much, because it's very intimate to me. Does anyone feel the same? Do you not feel like talking about it, even though you know you could trust the person you're talking to?
I think it's a pretty common concern and it's not just a problem for ABDLs but for people in general. Unfortunately, there is no fix for it other than to do it. We have to talk about these things in order to let people in and have intimacy. It gets easier. Start slow if you must, but do start.
It's very understandable to be uncomfortable opening up about this side of yourself. No matter how comfortable you are with someone, for many of us it still tends to feel like this is something you need to keep private. When my dad found out about my DL side when I was 13, he actually offered to buy me diapers and leave the house for a few hours in order to "satisfy my curiosity". I would've loved to have diapers but I adamantly refused because I didn't want anyone else to be involved in this part of my life. This fetish is my thing and I wanted it to stay that way. However, I strongly agree with Trevor. Eventually, you'll want to reach a point where you're comfortable enough to share this side of yourself with your boyfriend and not feel the need to hide. That will only come with time and communication.
Actually from what I have noticed from people regarding situations like this it's not just something that happens but as far as wanting or needing diapers it's actually more common place to feel that way then any other possible view. I might be a anomaly in this regard because of how I feel about these things but that just means I have a unusually good outside perspective of this. Why? Because the fact of the matter is I am a anomaly that does not feel that way actually making individuals like yourself Leilana more typical actually. I hope this helps. :smile:
I felt the same way when I first told my wife that I was AB/DL. She, like your wonderful boyfriend, asked me if I had enough supplies. Even to this day I'm a little hesitant to let her know I order diapers or plastic pants. She is the bill payer in the family, so she will know when the bill arrives, so I give her a heads up, but I always feel a little shy about it. Maybe it's because I'm spending money on something that's a fetish, but it's also a drive that plays big time with me, and fortunately, she's very understanding.

I think once you buy diapers a few times and share this with him, it will become easier. It has become easier for me, so there is that.
My husband offered to buy for me when I first told him. I never take him up on that but I am pretty open with what I am buying and wearing. He told me last weekend there were some Tena medium to give away on Craigs list. I was like, "I like them, how far?" He said a couple hours so I decided to do with what I got from Goodwill. It is kinda private and hard to talk about, but I prefer being open with my close family because I have precious little time with them anyway. Rather be myself around them than have to find time alone. Like even though I have gear in my bedroom I hate locking the door when I am not changing. I'd rather the kids be able to get hold of me quickly more than worry they will see what I'm wearing. Of course when I am intimate with my husband I keep it locked. When I was a new mom and started buying diapers for the baby it was lots more stressful than buying them for me now. I almost went crazy trying to come up with the courage to tell anyone I was buying diapers. Now it seems so silly. Of course I buy diapers for my baby. I guess then I was just too confused by my own feelings to be objective.
my gf offered to buy my diapers the previous week and i said her no
i dont want anyone to choose for me what diapers i need unless im stuck helpless on the bed

this is what i said to her
activefit said:
my gf offered to buy my diapers the previous week and i said her no
i dont want anyone to choose for me what diapers i need unless im stuck helpless on the bed

If that were me I would be doing everything I could to encourage her to get more involved. If she's volunteering involvement, wow, take her up on it!

Maybe she'll get you something fun like a bag of crinklz ;)
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