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Hello everyone.

I recently ordered a couple of diapers from two different manufacturers to check what it'd be like to wear them (first purchase ever), and I ran into a pretty major issue. Note: I live in the Netherlands, so any sizes here are in centimetres. Sorry about that. I hope they still give you a good idea of the differences.

The ones I ordered are a large Crinklz, recommended hip size 100-150cm (they also have medium one for 70-100), and some brand called "MyDiaper", medium size, hip size 80-125. With my hip size being around 120-125 (I'm also really tall and really do have big bones), I thought I'd end up with a slightly smaller and a slightly larger one. That is, however, not the case.

They both have some flimsy stickers that barely reach the part they're supposed to stick on, and even then they feel like they could give away at any moment. In "the front", however, I'm left with a huge gap, as if I was wearing something many, many sizes too big. Both seem to be a really terrible fit.

Can you help me understand what is going on here? Am I doing something wrong, or is my body just not made for wearing diapers?
It took me a while to find the right diaper for my body as well, just keep trying different sizes and manufactures.

I found the dry 24/7's fit me the best some manufactures have a larger cut and some have a smaller cut diaper even though they are listed for the same sizing.

If you have access to an inconstance nurse or a medical supply store ask them for help in choosing the right protection. It may be embaresing at first but remember you will probably never meet them again but thier experience is worth it.
With your hip size, I would also recommend Dry 24/7 or any other diaper that comes in larger cuts. You want a diaper that will go well above your waist size so it wraps around well, not just barely fit. I'm about 115cm right now and they're a lil big on me, so they're a little pouchy in the front and my butt, but the cut for the legs is really good and they don't gap around my legs. They also have elastic waist in the front and back so they stay up against my skin there too. You don't want an airtight diaper actually, you should always be able to stick a finger in the leg hole and your hand in the waist. Otherwise your skin won't get air and you can get rashes and such.

A good diaper will not leak even with a little gap for flexibility and air.
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