Is this normal?

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Well, ever since I realized I was trans, I've had this burning desire I've been ignoring, like the other day I saw some stockings and really wanted to get it, and walked past the makeup section and really noticed some lipstick..

I'm dying to try wear lipstick, and keep having fantasies of wearing makeup and being more girly, I've also had the desire to shave my legs, arm pits and arms.

I've also been dying to get some dresses, but man. this is killing me, is it normal to feel this amount of want?

I feel this desire is more than my desire for diapers.

Than I get sad, because I know I have to hide the fact I'm trans. this is confusing. why is it all of a sudden I'm dying to try new clothes, and makeup and want to be more girly all of a sudden?

I can ignore this desire, but eventually it comes back even more, I have dreams I'll be able to be my true self eventually.

Is this the first sign of acceptance?


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You're letting yourself access feelings, wants, and other things you've probably not really even allowed yourself to want. Now that you've accepted yourself, of course there is going to a burning sort of desire to indulge in all these things that make you happy.. but feel out of reach. Every moment they feel out of reach as well, it will only strengthen it. The more you feel denied something you want, the more desperate and powerful the want.

It will get easier once you get further along and have allowed yourself time to indulge, to feel better about yourself, and to finally be these things you want to be. That being said, it's very likely that if you consistently feel denied to express parts of yourself on your day to day life, it will likely become a powerful yearning to throw off the shackles of societies expectations, so to speak.

Just take things slow and try to indulge in your inner princess. ♥


Well, ever since I realized I was trans, I've had this burning desire I've been ignoring, [...]Than I get sad, because I know I have to hide the fact I'm trans. this is confusing.[...]


You've got a lot of things whirling around in your head (understandable)...

Let's start with desire...

Get yourself the stockings and lipstick...

In privacy (at least for now), try one thing and then the next... how does it feel? How does it look? What does it say to you?

That whole binge and purge thing can happen with this too... you build up so much want, that when you cater to it; you get all kinds of things (not necessarily well thought out things either).

Right now you have questions, thoughts, hopes, dreams and, more questions... pace yourself enough in this exploration; that you don't become absurd with the dreams and yes fantasies too; and wind up making a mockery of yourself - hence the purge and, often enough the sense of shame, depression and, even more confusion.

I'm not suggesting to not be excited for what you try yet, keep it in manageable proportions, browse and browse and find your personal every day, would-be style... find, not just what catches your eye but, what says "it's you!".

Which reminds me, you're probably still figuring out who you are (which is actually a life-long process but, it's especially involved and intense at your current life-stage) so, get some ideas of who you are, at the core of your being... try that on and look it over. Discover your genuine spirit then, make intentions to go forward with those (you can alter your course later as needed)...

Don't ignore desire though, do dole it out thoughtfully... give yourself the respect and recognition that you would wish from others... walk like you own it yet, don't run like you stole it...


Find and be your genuine authentic self - the rest will fall into place.

I think this is a sign of your acceptance, I don't know if it's conditional or not...

You might have to use greater discretion about being trans for now - yet, don't hide who you are!

You're not alone though, this is your own.

My best for now,


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I've found it was normal for me when I realized I was trans, it still is to a degree. I can't pretend to give some divine wisdom but I'll offer what I think is happening instead lol.

For me it started with just wanting to buy more girly items in the first place, then that need/want grew and grew over time as I started to uncover the true genderidentity that I identify with. It's a sort of need to want to throw away the old stuff and embrace the 'true' stuff. I think anyway. It's normal, i felt it too. <Insert some sort of wrap up statement that makes it look divine wisdomish here>

I hope this helped you I really do. :)
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