Is there any Non sexual diaper lover and or carer around. My partner has need for diapers and well I don't.. Really could use someone to talk to


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I'm not sure if this helps - but maybe it is an idea to spend some time to think about your own role in this relationship. I mean - he's asking for a lot and you're not very happy with it.

He brought you into a position that is hard to accept - so my question would be: What is its contribution to redress this imbalance .

I'm not sure but such a situation can also be seen as a chance and can open a lot of possibilities. The key might be to start thinking about your own desires - best the really deep ones. It's like you just met a fairy godmother who grants you some wishes - which you should choose well, because he stands now in a great debt to you .

I just can guess but when I read what you write I get the feeling that maybe you value his needs more than your own. There is nothing wrong with that and it is part of love, but it will only work if the partner have the same idea of loving. But even if this is not the case - you need to rebalance the relation somehow and this will only work if you kick in your own desires. They may not necessarily fit but I think it's the only way to start a discussion and maybe find compromises that fit to both of you. But again - it's just an idea...
Thank you.. I will for sure think about this! It means a lot that you take time to answer my ramblings


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There is but they can be very hard to find especially if online. In a trusted relationship and experience, a partner would listen to each other's limits and if one of those is being non sexual in littlespace then it should be honored without question.

A lot of littles will fall out of mind space is in an adult or sexualised environment or it can be like my past caretaker trying to constantly slipstream it in. When in little space it's good to just be babyish

Now an uncomfortable topic to many. If one removes a diaper it does bring attention to well.. areas covered previously. That touching to be not seen as sexual to a caretaker takes practice and sometimes training. For me I don't see it as sexual even to the slightest ( this is mainly because of my careful training in ECCE as a professional. (I since dropped from the feild to protect those around me) I grown used to it and understanding. My babyspace can be controlled in a way where I can still be childish but enough control to communicate to a caretaker if i need to. (Such as if I don't want something or need something more and communicate it effectively and clearly without breaking headspace)

If the caretaker does anything uncomfortable then it is important to speak up and communicate before and after in little space and many forget....during.

You have rights and if you wish to be in babyspace without it being sexual you entirely reserve the right to let them know what they are doing makes you uncomfortable and a caretaker needs to listen and respect that. Real relationships respect that boundary.

As for you not needing diapers and they do, they must understand a part of a responsibility of being an ABDL is in an unseen rulebook,its important not to force others in things they are not comfortable with.just because they need diapers doesn't mean you do and vice versa.

However there is a general respect boundry where there are people around to respect if they don't want the diapers to kinda keep it hidden to. I don't think I understand your question because its half cut off but hope this helped
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