Is there a reason ab/dl disposable fabric-backed nappies are so scarce?

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The only one I was ever made aware of was Cushies. I'm assuming they're way more expensive to manufacture. I figured they'd sell like hot cakes if other manufacturers started making them.
Prob because it seems most AB/DL's prefer plastic backed. :D
They would also be competing with the widely available cloth-backed adult diapers. Part of the growth of AB/DL-specific diapers was into the void left by adult diapers when most adult diaper lines switched to cloth-backed.
One reason might be that the majority of ab/dl's who grew up in disposables did so in plastic-backed ones. (I'm not sure when baby diaper manufacturers started making the switch to cloth-backed, but I'm assuming late 90's.) Thus, many of them probably want something similar to what they were raised in.
I would agree that it is a generational thing basically most abdl's today grew up with plastic backed nappies and therefore associate those far more than cloth and plastic pants or cloth feel disposable products. I'm sure in 10 to 20 years cloth backed disposables will be the main product that AB brands appeal too
I grew up with plastic backed. I like both!
I'm agree with BitterGrey. The market for diapers seems pretty aggressive. The only way a small company would have a chance is to do something completely different than the competition. The plastic backed is the difference that draws many in, not just AB/DL. Prints just wouldn't be enough because in most cases function trumps aesthetic (except specialty products that tend to cost a lot more on average).
i have tried using clothlike disposable pullups before, and maybe it was early days.. but they soaked right through the shell.. i would NEVER trust em again..
I suspect it won't be entirely generational. There's an underlying attraction to things that are shiny, smooth, and crinkly and in that, plastic shell diapers win out over clothlike covers every time. I was raised in real cloth diapers but it's the plastic that gets my motor running 95 times out of 100.
Every cloth like diaper I have tried has had very poor performance: seepage, stretches, sags, smells, tapes fail to stick well.
I'm guessing there are engineering issues with trying to get an adult sized diaper to have as nice stretchy sides/wings and as good of absorbent performance as baby diapers. Until they find a way to approach that performance level, I find it unlikely cloth backed will catch on large scale in the Abdl market.
It's part traditional and in what I've noticed, breathable. Plastic is like a sauna, cloth has it's downfalls like plastic but doesn't get as hot.
It's both an aesthetic and a functional thing. Most ABDLs prefer the plastic-backed because all baby diapers used to be plastic-backed. Maybe 20 years from now when there's a new generation of ABDLs who used today's cloth-like baby diapers there will be a demand for cloth-like ABDL nappies. I've found that there's a similar generational preference difference where older ABDLs (those born before the advent of disposable diapers) often prefer cloth nappies and plastic pants.
Functionally, most people with severe/full incontinence will attest that almost all fabric-backed nappies are inferior to plastic-backed nappies in terms of leak protection, odor protection, absorbency, and durability. There are a few exceptions, like Seni, which come close to matching their plastic-backed rivals but most brands still have a long way to go.
Also there's a fear that clothlike weep. And some have had exactly that experience, so that will tend to sour people on clothlike shell. "Confidence" / reliability is a major product feature in a diaper.
Cloth back type doesn't seem to slip as much like pants falling down like plastic did .
Less chafing on legs with plastic backed
The bad thing is cloth backed stretch so need re-ajustment offen .
I was a cloth plastic pants raised but now wear the cheap cloth backed but need to double up to get the old attends of the early 80's feel for bulkiness.
If done right you can flood once if pointed down standing or sitting taped tite.
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