Is the manufacturer of Crinklz original print diapers no longer offering them in size XL?


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For many months I've been using Crinklz original print diapers in size XL. (I need size XL because of my 54" waist and hip measurements.) I usually get them from NorthShore (most recently in September of 2022), although I also got some from LL Medico.

Last week I went to the NorthShore website to order more cases of size XL. However, the NorthShore website no longer shows XL as an available size.

I then went to the LL Medico website, which showed XL as an available size. I ordered three cases as well as other items. The order was accepted and LL Medico sent me a confirmation email message. Two days later I received an email message indicating the other items had been shipped (I received them today), but said nothing about the three cases of Crinklz XL. I checked my order under my account at LL Medico -- it showed "partial shipment". I then submitted an inquiry to LL Medico support. This afternoon I received a reply message from the support person -- in her reply she indicates the three cases of Crinklz size XL that I ordered are on "manufacturer back order".

Does anyone have information regarding what might be going on? Is the German company that manufactures Crinklz no longer offering size XL to vendors such as NorthShore and LL Medico? Are there problems in the manufacturing plant(s)? Are there problems in shipping from Europe to the United States? Are there other problems? Might the manufacturer be changing the size XL design?

I'm hoping that the manufacturer will continue to offer size XL and that the current problem(s) will soon be resolved.
They're out of stock in L & XL pretty much everywhere but from what I've been told will be available shortly. Shipping is a mess right now. One of the biggest problems are a lack of empty containers as there was such a back log at the ports on the western side of the US & Canada for so long that the actual availability of empty "cans" is a major issue today.
I bought a case of xl from my inner baby, it was more than LL medico. But it was in stock.

I was bummed when it was that hard to find them…. Like I just found something that I liked and it was cost effective
I've asked XP/LiveAnew, and they are saying by the end of this month.
Ta it if stock again. Is it being discontinued?
Bedwetter1 said:
Ta it if stock again. Is it being discontinued?
I don't use Crinklz but did use Betterdry for years (until the VA began supplying me with Megamax) but I HIGHLY doubt they'll ever discontinue XL. What you can do to get accurate, up to date information is call LLMedico. They are 100% PROFESSIONAL, courteous, kind, compassionate and know what they are talking about. They also have the best prices, offer an additional 10% discount to veterans, police/fire-fighters/emt's etc. AND you earn 5% cash back on EVERYTHING you buy. WHEN I was buying exclusively from them that equaled better than 2 free cases of Betterdry/year for me, so those rewards add up!

You need not be embarrassed calling them either. You'll almost certainly be speaking to either Heather or Ashley and believe me, they do their absolute best to ensure you feel comfortable speaking/dealing with them.

NOTE: I receive NOTHING from my recommendations to LLMedico. I only recommend them as they went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me, keeping me in quality products at points in time that I couldn't had possible done so without them going far out of their way to help me out. They have done for me what NO ONE ELSE ever would had done, and I feel the least I can do is help spread the word about how excellent they are to deal with. Having the best price and rewards program NO ONE ELSE offers is nice, but their service is sincerely SECOND TO NONE!

I do wish to ask a favor should you call. PLEASE tell them that "KIRK" HIGHLY recommended them to you! They know who I am and I'd appreciate you mentioning this to them. Like I said, i can't repay them for what they did, but I can recommend everyone possible to them. They are a small, family run business and along with Northshore have the BEST customer service you can find regarding this type of product! They go above and beyond to ENSURE your satisfaction and always have!

Thanks! CptKirk

PS PLEASE do let me know how you make out.
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XL is not discontinued. There was some form of general production issue on Crinklz lines in December but that is all resolved. This will simply be a case of retailers over there having sold out before their replen arrived. My truckload leaves for the UK tomorrow.
I'm glad to hear that. BetterDry and Crinklz are my go-to's.