Is it weard to have multiple fursonas?

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Hey guys, The thing is i have different fursonas/littlesonas which to be honest Depend on what i feel that day, I have a little girl side and a bit of a sissy baby-fur ninja kitty Fursona, as well as a cat boy fursona, a dog fursona witch is the adopted brother of the sissy fursona, and a cat boy fursona, (It's complicated i know, however they all have some sort of girlish/babish aspect to them, Except for mabie the cat-boy, although he does like diapers.) The thing is I am not really sure if if should limit myself to one or just use all of them. Also does anyone else do something like that, usually from what i have seen you all choose one or the other, (Like ones a sissy, ones a babyfur, ones a kitten fursona, ones a dog, ones a pony.) and for me it gets complicated because i have several that i switch from, Is that common or what and if not what should i do about it?
I wouldn't say it's weird at all to have more than one fursona (or littlesona). It's pretty common for furries to have more than one fursona. I personally only have one, but I'm just one furry out of... I want to say millions? However many there are, I'm just one example. If more than one sona has a similar aspect like you said, you could try combining them into one, while keeping one other that isn't the same like the cat-boy so you'd only switch between two. I myself just have many different parts personality wise to my fursona. Sometimes it will be feminine and submissive, other times more assertive just like my real life self. Just throwing some thoughts out there, I hope I helped and if not I hope someone else can provide better insight.
Not at all. Some curries and up making another one. Heck even I probably will soon. So no it isn't weird. I think it's fine you have many types. We have complex personalities and sometimes just one can't always represent every facet of ourselves. So go ahead and have as many as you want. Means more art.
Statistically, it's weird to have one fursona. It may be a less common to have multiples but you're already in such rarified air, I wouldn't worry about it.
Imagine a cartoon where Dan Green is every voice, then realize there's really just one character in the whole show, and that character is actually the unconscious mind of Dan Green communicating with itself in an Adventures of Baron Munchausen fashion.

If they're distinct characters (or perhaps caricatures), then of course it's reasonable to have multiples.

I have one fursona, because my fursona is me but with more hair and a tail (and spots). It'd be weird to have multiple characters, because I'm not a multiple. When I need another character, I'll use someone else that matches it best. (They all sound like me, which doesn't sound like me at all. Actually, I'm pretty certain my voice actor is a girl.)

Based on what you've said, it sounds like they're the distinct character type, not the alter ego type.

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I originally was a solid one furs on a guy, but as I've been dabbling in more AB things, kinda developed a second naturally. It's pretty common to do so by the sounds of it. Know my answer doesn't contribute much, but I'm feeling perky, and chatty :biggrin:
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