is it time to see a urologist, cuz I might

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So I been wearing diapers for the past 6 years or so pretty constantly, but I've always had complete control , im a guy, I'm overweight which I know doest help and in the past 3 years im pre diabetic, using a cpap for sleep apnea, seen an increase in my bedwetting, as well as frequencey during the day and worsening post void dribble, whether I'm standing to pee or sitting, but worse when sitting. Also as for frequency, Sometimes it's a strong urge and the longer I try to hold it the worse it gets, and I can hold it for like 40 mins before I either leak a bit or just give up and wet my diaper. I also randomly drip a few drops out of nowhere without any urge, like there was pee left in the tube and just comes out. I'm a bagger at a grocery store so I do a lot of lifting but haven't coralated my drippage at random to specifically lifting,but who knows. Over the course of 24 hours I pee 2-3 times between 4-7am before work. I drink usually coffee or tea before work, then during work I either drink tea or seltzer or water. I usually have to pee like 4 or 5 times at work over the course of 6 -8 hrs. Once I'm home I usually have to pee 3-4 times before I go to bed over the whole day I've probly consumed the equivalent of 7 or 8 12 oz cans of luiqid. yes I know these things are diuretics and my tea is mostly caffeine free, but I'm trying to avoid sugary drinks. So id say i pee like 10-14 times a day Do u guys think I'm just so used to diapers at this point or that I have some real issues going on, or maybe a bit of both, will a urologist say I'm just lazy like my mom seems to think. Just wanted to get some thoughts before I see on in a few weeks. Thanks
I can say that it could be contributing to it. I know the more you wear and use diapers as often as you need to go your bladder shrinks and your brain gets used to sending the messages over and over. Over the course of a couple of weeks I know the frequency of my voids increased along with the urgency getting more urgent.

However, there's times when involuntary urination is a sign of something worse that's wrong, so being checked out will be ideal. None of us here are medical professionals, nor should you follow medical advice from no other person but a professional in person.
Not to scare you but if you said for the past 3 years you have been pre-diabetic that would be more concerning for me then you more constant usage. The pre-diabetes could be getting worse and thus, producing these symptoms. I think getting this checked would be a good place to start as complications from diabetes are pretty bad (in terms of it being pretty chronic problems that require constant management).

The pre-diabetes could be causing 2 things to be happening ... 1) the higher levels of sugar in your blood causes stress on the nerves of the body so you get something called neuropathy (basically means that the nerves don't function correctly). Usually this kind of think happens with the legs/feet and affects you ability to sense vibration/soft touching of the skin before other nerves are affected. However, a nerve is a nerve and anywhere can have this happen. 2) You may have some issues with your kidneys. These are usually the first organ to "fail" as it was in diabetes. Now that doesn't mean that they are failing (as you are pre-diabetic). But they may be worsening at the moment and this may be why you have an increased tendency to urinate during the day. Yes there is also a lot of caffeine there as well which would increase your urine output, but this may also be contributing to it.

TL;DR - get a check up by your doctor if you haven't already recently for you pre-diabetes and go from there.
Go see your doctor and get checked out and get the blood work done, at the same time get a referral to an urologist and get checked out. Once you have ruled out any thing that is serious and have the two doctors recommendations you can then make a decision on what's best for you.

Wearing diapers over time will in its self cause you to wet more often especially if you pee in the diaper regularly, I was lucky and my tests came back ok other then I have an OAB that can be treated with meds or diapers Imchose diapers as the possiable Side effects are not that great on the meds. and I would still have to wear as the meds would just reduce the voids not stop them.

I have to say the camera part of the exam was interesting to watch and to see the inside of my bladder and was only slightly uncomfortable when the camera first went in.

These forms are great for support and advice but can not and sould not replace trained medical advice from your doctor .
We always encourage our members to see a doctor when they have questions about their health. We're not experts in the medical field. That said, my first thought is you might have a prostate problem.
Thanks, I'll keep u guys updated. Today was a longer day for me, 8 hrs and I only wet my diaper once today , but yesterday I worked 6 hrs and wet my diaper 4 times, so I'm noticing that my urges vary.
So general non-specific advice... first step is to see your doctor, especially with the concern for potential diabetes and a gradual worsening could explain some of the symptoms, that said they might end up recommending a urologist, at the end of the day they might not be able to find a clear medical etiology but there are some medications available for symptom control, etc... However the best person to ask if you should see a urologist is your PCP as they are able to evaluate some of the systemic processes that could contribute to your symptoms first (and the appointments tend to be quicker).
I'm probly seeing a urologist in a few weeks and I'll explain my issues, between meds or diapers I'd pick diapers , cuz I don't I have accidents or problems all the time and ive heard meds side effects suck.
Do see your urologist, but don't assume that he will just prescribe diapers or meds.

Although you are a bit young for it, your symptoms are consistent with an enlarged or irritated prostate with urinary retention (urine left in the bladder after you pee). If so, your doctor probably would prescribe meds, but may direct you to self-catheterize to drain the post-void residual urine. The most important thing is to eliminate the possibility of prostate cancer. The next most important thing would be to address the possible urinary retention as it increases the chance of UTIs and can cause urine to back up to the kidneys, a dangerous condition.

You can expect to have the "mother of all rectal exams.":thumbsup: My primary care doctor had given me a rectal exam and noted nothing unusual except for some minor prostate swelling. In contrast, my urologist pressed firmly on my prostate at which time I let out a shout from the "discomfort." The urologist knew exactly what to look for and went right to it. He found that although my prostate is not much enlarged, I had irritation or inflammation which required antibiotics. The irritated prostate was narrowing the urethral passage and causing me to have urinary retention.

Your urologist may prescribe several tests for you. Cystoscopy is where a very small optical instrument is inserted up the penis to the bladder. It lets your doctor check the pathway and the area that passes through the prostrate for inflammation, narrowing or obstructions. Urodynamics is a series of tests whereby catheters are inserted up the penis to the bladder and the technician fills and empties your bladder and monitors you for your ability to void and your perceived sensations of when you sense urine, when you would pee, when you feel urgency, and your maximum bladder capacity.

See, you probably can expect a lot of fun!:smile:

Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

I'm pretty sure I got some retention issues cuz when I pee, I usually just let it go naturally, but at the end there's always more that I have to actively push to get out, but Dunno if it's my being overwieght or my prostate, I know that diapers have probly weakened my muscles, but also, a good rectal exam is definitely need cuz I been dealing with , internal hemroids for a while and it's super annoying. So maybe I'll get some answers to a few things. The big question is should I admit to wearing diapers, to the urologist?
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nik, count on it being your prostate.

Because of my bowel plus urinary incontinence I have worn diapers 24/7 for several years. I asked my urologist about the risk of diaper dependency as I had been unable to find any medical studies on the subject. He said that it normally is found only in older persons with cognitive disorders like Alzheimers and not to worry about it.

I got my appointment for next week, should I mention that I wear Diapers?
Well, if you don't tell him and he does any kind of a decent examination, he's bound to find out or even if he questions you, you should tell him.
nik, be honest with your doctor. Go ahead and tell him. If this is just an initial consultation he may not have you strip.

Even if you are asked to remove your clothing below your belt, you would probably would not be wearing the diaper by the time the doctor came back into the room. The fact that you are wearing a diaper is something he should know in order to assist you.

So i saw the urologist and i told her my history with diapers and why I wear them , and about my urges and bedwettings. She told me to try detrol and come back in 6 weeks, she also said to try drinking only water and less tea/coffee/beer/ etc. Was also suggested that I continue to wear diapers until I know if the meds work. Any thoughts on detrol.
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Well I got denied the detrol, which is fine cuz, I'll just use diapers to manage like I have been for the past few years. The more pressing concern is my hemroids, which are quite a drag.
The possiable side effects of the Meds like Detrol are really bad, my urologist was pushing meds as well to control my OAB but I decided diapers are a better option, no side effects :)
He was not happy as he was trying to get me to sign up for a drug trial (blind test) so I would have no Idea what I was Taking.

I think you made the right choice to simply use diapers to handle your bladder issue
Well I got a trial of vesicare that I just started today and I'm gonna try it and see what happens, if I get side effects I'm stopping it. I have a follow up appointment on August 4th , at that point I'll probly try to get a doctor's note for my wearing diapers, in case i need it for work.
Well today I started keeping track of what I drink and how often I pee and today has been particularly bad, I've peed 7 times in 3.5 hrs, I'm just glad I'm not working today. It's my third day on vesicare and I don't think it's working yet, and I feel kinda tired, even tho I drank coffee earlier. Not sure if it's the meds or caffeine crash and I know I got enuff sleep since I slept in late. Good thing I got more diapers yesterday cuz it looks like I'll be goin thru quite a few this week.
Here are the side effects to look out for, if you notice any thing talk to your Doctor ASAP

If you decide to make any changes to taking the meds check with your Doctor First

Side Effects
Dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness, stomach upset, blurred vision, dry eyes, headache, or unusual tiredness/weakness may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.
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