Is it common to go from IC to DL over time?


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Truth be told I have worn diapers for a very long time off and on mostly because of UTI's and kidney infections and stones. My first diapers because of a UTI was about 25 years ago so of and on for several years and with increased frequency.... Started wearing every night about 12 or 14 years ago and now things have progressed and I've been dual I.C. and 24-⁷ for over 3 years . Granted I do think I have suffered with oab and painful bladder and Ibs most my life and its just gotten more serious as I have aged now it sooo bad ! But the thing is I'm noticing I like my diapers (some days) I'm finding I like the convenience of not worrying about where the bathroom is but also I like wearing a diaper until it soaked. Several booster's thick and soggy just feels good.....same with IBS some times it feels good loading a diaper I mean it feels good not to try a hold it and deal with the pain but sometimes it's more than that....and the longer I'm stuck in diapers the more I find I like them ... Am I weird?
I still go through times where I'm ashamed and feel disgusting but then there's times I'll sit around in a well used nappy and like it's so confusing and mentally it's a crap shoot....I can't explain the emotional fuckery. I am also finding women in diapers umm hot ? I'm so confused. I think I'm starting to understand the binge purge of abdl's I've read about.
yes it grows on you don't think your weird either.. If it helps you I just got used to peeing & pooping my diapers at night regardless of how I feel. I don't want to get up most of the times because there has been times ive used that toliet 10 times or even more in one day (not even an exaggeration).. So i'm just a stinky baby I can't help it💁‍♂️