Is it cheaper ??


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Is it cheaper to make your own cloth diapers? Also clothes. I am in middle of making my own cloth diapers. I am using coolmax wicking for first layer against skin. Then Terry cloth multiple layers of Zorb. Then outside nice pink flannel print. I have a long body. 6'4". So I make adjustments over all rise 3" taller. I do like I can Taylor fit them to my sizes.
Left over cloth male booster pads inserts
It is if you're not making anything too complicated. A prefold and plastic pants for instance. If you're going to make anything that has elastics and fastening materials then you might be better off finding something premade that fits and protects good. You will spend about the same per diaper just for materials alone to make something fancy. Then add the time it takes to sew it and you're over budget by a lot.

There is a big added plus to making your own fancy diapers though and you hit on that in your post. You can tailor make them to fit you the way you want. This can be worth the extra time put in to your project. I have been working on a design off and on for quite some time. I have it just about finalized and will be the perfect modern style cloth diaper cover. The downside is that I find stuff on the market that I may not be super crazy about but works great. If I can be lazy and get away with not sitting at the sewing machine for hours on end then I don't mind spending the money.

Another tip... I have tried a couple different types of zorb and honestly it was awful. It will absorb a lot and holds up to the claims they make.

Right up until you sit down and get a gusher!

Zorb is made mostly of synthetic fibers. It retains very little unlike natural fibers. Even bamboo (rayon derived from the plant somehow which makes it closer to a synthetic than a natural fiber) blends retain more. Of all the materials I have tested hemp has to be the absolute best. It can be troublesome to care for because the fibers like to retain more than just the fluids though. Cotton is the best for a balance of ease of care, absorbency and comfort. Pair that with a fleece, microfiber or zorb soaker on top and you have the perfect combination to help keep you dry and happy.
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As somebody who sews his own prefolds (and is working on more complicated stuff), I don't really look at it as a way to save money. Mostly it's a way to get what I want. :) If I assume that my time is worth anything, it's cheaper for me to buy a prefold from Rearz than it is to make one myself. BUT... If I make one myself, I can use super-soft bamboo fabrics, a layer of Zorb, size it perfectly for my covers, ... It's a great way to go for the discerning overly picky baby.
Cottontail said:
a layer of Zorb
You've said that before but it left my brain. :LOL: I edited my post to include it in the soaker layer. So @Vtfastback13 there is still a use for all that zorb you have on hand.
Thanks for input. I have heard about Zorb soaking it up. But it's compression sucks. Right now I am using Terry cloth booster pads. Don't laugh they were going to be my shop rags. Till I looked at them just the length I needed.
Part of making them is the fun of planning what to do next. With my Huntington's I need to keep brain thinking
Also love watching my lovely pink nails while sewing


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Vtfastback13 said:
Terry cloth booster pads. Don't laugh
Nothing to laugh at there. I used folded up bath towels for the longest!😁