Is BabyFur Con worth traveling to ?


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Thinking about going to the BabyFurCon in October so just wanting to get some advice before going head first.
1) What is it like to be at an ABDL Convention, what are the activities and was it fun.
2) Are cons like these worth traveling for or would it be a waste of money and I should just stay
It is what you make of it. At its base, it's just a bunch of abdls in the same place for a weekend. If you show up and don't know anybody or make any effort to meet people, you'll probably be in for a bad time.
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I'm planning on going to BabyFur Con, and possibly volunteering. I also don't have much of an idea of what to expect...I've attended BFC's virtual events and can grasp the notion of panels and exhibitors (like a normal convention), but I have no real idea what the AB/DL aspect will be like. However, I have the means to go, so I figure why not give it a shot? Open myself up to new experiences and meeting new people.
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