Is Always Discreet going Unisex?

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I have seen, but am unable to verify that Always Discreet is going unisex. Has anyone else seen or heard this, and can it be verified? I readily admit I have
not searched hard for an answer, but rather, if it is true, this will be a good place to share valid information.

If it is true, it doesn't surprise me at all, but will the feminine print remain, regardless of who the product is intended for? (personally, I like the feminine theme, but do other male users?)
I love the Always Discreet. In my opinion they don't need changing.
About half of the reviews at the link below are from male users. That would seem to suggest there is a lot of male demand for this product. Maybe P&G is listening?

Always Discreet Reviews
I hope so, for those men who would prefer that over using a woman's product. As for me, and like reviewers on their product page, it doesn't make any difference. Always discreet fit me perfectly, and is my pull up brand of choice, and if a unisex style is made, I would still buy the feminine version because....well, just because!:smile:
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