Is ABU safe to order from?


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Hello all,

I was wondering if it is safe/reliable to order from ABU? Are there other places to get decent deals on ABDL diapers like Rearz and Littleforbig?

Yes they are safe to order from.

Tykables has B-grade diapers that they sell at a discount
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Yes, I order from the Canada store but the US is their head office and I've only heard great things about them.
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ABU are a fantastic company. They have great customer service. When I had question about an order they replied to my message within 20 minutes and when I had to a return a onesie I bought they were very quick to provide me with a voucher to use on my next order.
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ABU is very safe and very reliable. I just had an order of two packs of diapers where the tapes were defective. They sent me store credit for both of the packs and obviously care about their quality. The only downside I’d say is that they currently are either low or out of stock of essentially every diaper they offer (at least looking here in the US).
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They are safe to order from, and if you are ever in the Seattle, WA area, visit their store in Everett! I thought it would be weird visiting a physical location, but they made it very normal.
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They are safe ! if you are in canada watch out the new site does charge Taxes While they should not be an added fee as diapers are taxed excempt
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They and Tykables are my go-to’s!
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Yes definitely safe. ABU, tykables, NorthShore, changing times are all mainstream ABDL companies that are reputable.
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BexarBottom said:
They are safe to order from, and if you are ever in the Seattle, WA area, visit their store in Everett! I thought it would be weird visiting a physical location, but they made it very normal.
Agreed. I live not far from Everett and generally pick up my orders in person. The place is a lot cuter on the inside than it is on the outside, and using the big changing table is fun. :)

I’ve never had an issue with ABU in terms of integrity or discreetness. I do wish they’d get their stock situation under control though. My favorite stuff’s been out of stock for a while.
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well depending where your from I've ordered from
It's one of the biggest ABDL retailers with a presence in several countries, why would it not be?
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I go to Abu, DNC (daynitecare), rearz, and tykables for all my baby needs as a Canadian. I used to get from b4ns but their selection isn't that great (if they are still around).
Most of the time I get my orders within 5 business day living in a major metropolitan area. All of these online retailers will ship discreetly and I've never had an issue with FedEx, Purolator, UPS, or Canada Post as a carrier for my packages.
I might be a lucky one though I'm not sure 😊
I love Abu. Never had a problem with them.
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ABU is great. It's a company by ABDLs for ABDLs. I've chatted with a few of their employees online and they are super nice. They also give goodies if you ask for them in the package, like stickers, lolipops, even a failed potty training certificate if you ask lol. I didn't know about the goodies my first order so I'll do it next time, which I'm planning to do sometime this month most likely.
I order from them twice a month with no issues. Yes very safe and discreet. Shipping is fast to me as well.
I've been ordering from them for more than a decade. No complaints
I have order from them every so often in the pass ! Never had any issues !
If by safe you mean discrete packaging, yes, very much so. I order their boosters regularly, and the box is plain, the return address is nondescript, and credit card statements show up with “Strom Holdings”. Have no worries ordering directly from them. Plus, free shipping in the US.
Yes they are safe and discreet