IPAD for a reason.

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Dear, whomever like to read books. First would like to write rest in peace Steve Jobs.

The reasoning behind "IPAD" is simple, whoever developed "the name" had the thought is a great thinker. Personally had "millions" of failures, before something surfaced.

Treat and respect. "nurture, father, encourage, invent, inspire" your employees minds. Everyone thinks different, just because your a public figure, doesn't make you think someone is "stupid" because the idea doesn't work for what your trying to accomplish. Every employee in a corporation matters. Everyone on god's green earth has strengths and weaknesses, develop your employee's a different way other company's do! Treat them as family. Some might not open up to you, but if you "nurturer and father" them. Believe me, your company will succeed with great dignity.

Personally spent millions of dollars to find the meaning and understanding why company's succeed, and it was write under my ass.
Not open for further replies.