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Introductory Woofs

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  1. Little
Hello everyone, my name is Zera, and I'm a little and a puppy.

I like drawing/coloring, reading, cute stuff, playing games on the computer, toys, animals, plushies, cartoons, and browsing the internet. When I'm on the internet I especially love learning new things, looking at cute pictures, window-shopping, and looking at art.

For me, being a little isn't so much a kink or fetish as it is putting a name to something about myself that's always existed.

I'm nervous right now, so I'm probably gonna lurk some, but I signed up hoping to meet and chat with other littles/animals/babies in a PG-13 environment!

Ps. Thank you Spddan, for the cheat sheet!
Welcome to ADISC from a fellow Snivy and a fellow little right here!

Love the introduction and you can poke around for a little bit. You will be able to adapt to the community sooner or later, it takes time!

I hope you enjoy your stay!
I hope you're a nice puppy, and not gonna be mean to kitties :-P

Howdy and welcome to the site. Look around, everyone is pretty nice. Hopefully, you'll be nice enough to share some of your art. We'd love to see your creations.
Welcome amongst us :3 This fox here hopes you'll have a fantastic time on here ^^
*Wags tail*
Hi Zerapup, don't be shy and don't be afraid. We are pretty nice here. I think that was a really nice introduction. I take it you are a Furry? Do you also like wearing diapers, or just being a little kid?
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