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i am a calendar savant and i perform in a travelling magic act. I work as an agent with the company I perform with. We travel all over BC and Alberta Canada to festivals and corporate shows. I work in developmental disability mental health and addictions.

I enjoy wearing diapers at night and depending where I am going in the day I will wear them in the daytime too.

I enjoy travelling by train across Canada on the Via Rail Canadian. I am a transit bus fan. I like riding and memorizing the specifications of BC Ferries. I am a peer support worker in mental health. I love theatre and producing theatre and have done tours with large theatre companies.

I joined this site because I wanted to get support for being accepted as a DL.
Hello Guy654 and welcome to the group.

This is a very informative introduction.
I do not think you will have any problems finding support from like minded people.

Again welcome to the group.

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