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Hello, I am new to the site and wanted to share a little bit about myself. I am a transgender caregiver who is taking care of a relative who suffered from a stroke and requires 24/7 care. I am not sure if I would label myself a diaper lover as I have never worn a diaper since I was a baby but recently discovered DL videos and began to think what it would be like to try a diaper on and use it for what it is designed for.

I discovered this site recently and read a few posts and decided to seek the advice of more experienced Diaper Lovers and Adult Babies, as of right now I don't think I have the right to consider myself an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover as I am very very new to the idea but after watching a few videos while doing searches for adult diapers my interest in wearing a diaper as well as doing what nature intended has increased.

I look forward to receiving advice from other users and hope that I can contribute to this community in the future if wearing a diaper is something that I can get used to.
Welcome to ADISC!

I'm sorry to hear about your relative. It's lucky you are able to take on the caregiver role. I know this can at times become very stressful, I hope you get enough 'me' time to relieve the stress.

With that said, we welcome you and I think you will get a lot of information about AB and DL's as you read the threads and don't be shy - chime in if you have a question or comment.
You'll never know until you try it. But be FOREWARNED, it is very addictive - at least for most of us here :). Also, you mentioned you are caring for someone who needs 24/7 care - I assume they require diapers. In addition to the pleasure of wearing diapers, you may also experience guilt or shame, especially since you are a caregiver for real. It is a struggle most of us have experienced at one time or another. Of course we are here to provide plenty of support if you have those feelings. It can be a bit of an emotional Rollercoaster but I still think it's worth giving diapers a try if you are at all curious.

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