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Introduction dutch DL :)


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I totally forgot to introduce myself on this forum. Usually i'm just reading the topics.
I'm a dutch guy, from the neighborhood of Rotterdam, gay, working in the IT Telecommunications, enjoying my friends and doing nice trips, music festivals, vacations with them. Also a waterpolo player and referee.

I'm a Diaperlover since about start of my middle school, after getting almost dry from bedwetting, my parents said: "it looks like you don't need the diapers anytime soon", and around that same time i started to shift from hating the diaper, to loving the diaper, and i thought. ohhh noo, i don't want to stop wearing a diaper at night.

At that time i was still wearing regular pamper diapers, because i was quite slim, but they were also getting to light for the job, so sometimes the diaper was soaked, but since i was not dry yet, luckely we moved to youth diapers.

But my parents were convinced that shifting from 2-3 nights wet in week, going into 1 night in a week, i would be dry in the next few months. I tried to keep my diapers as long as possible, and succeeded to do that until about 16yo. Then she said, let's try without, since you are only wet 1 day a week, i think they knew i was wetting the diaper on purpose sometimes.

It worked kinda, i was still allowed to wear a diaper when for example traveling.

There were diapers in my closet for years, but after moving out for study and renovation, they were gone.

But i was a diaper lover for life :)
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Hi there, I am a DL, not Dutch, but live in the Achterhoek.
hi iv got dutch/pom blood not from there tho born in aussieland welcome to the community :)
bigbaby said:
hi iv got dutch/pom blood not from there tho born in aussieland welcome to the community :)
Have you got a pommie or dutch surname?
last name dutch
Loads of Dutch in Canada. Farmer families that moved after the war and still do.
Hello and welcome from the UK!