Introducing Non-Sexual Play.


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I've had a few relationships in the past which have involved ABDL, but they have already been aware and interested in the kink (mostly started with an interest in DDLG).

I'm a caregiver and also in a fairly new relationship with someone that as far as I'm aware is (almost completely) vanilla. I have started to introduce my kinks lightly during sexual play which she is happy with, pet names, 'daddy', etc. The only thing I haven't mentioned at all is the DL and ageplay/regression aspect, which I have an interest in.

My problem is I don't now know how to introduce non-sexual aspects of my kinks. I doubt she would be extremely weirded out since we are very comfortable with each other, but I do worry that it could overwhelm her.

Has anyone had any experience with a similar situation? How did you introduce it to your partner?
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Are you able to just sit and chat with her about your kinks and decide together how you’d like to include it?