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Hi, I am new to this board, I will probably not post much, primarily a looker. I would described myself as a DL, although like some baby stuff. Wear diapers because I do have some medical problems and wearing them helps me sleep better and not having to use the bathroom so many times at night. Don't have to get out of nice bed! all for now
Hello john2109 and welcome to the group.
Welcome to ADISC!

Many people here are various mixtures of AB and DL. Some like diapers more and baby items less (or not at all) and some the exact reverse. Your among a like-minded group.

Feel free to lurk or reply/post as you wish. I hope you will post from time-to-time as a benefit of ADISC is the range of opinions on this site.

We like to get to know our new members so - what are some of your non-DL interests? I like to listen to classical music, visit various forums, gardening and such.
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