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Hi Everyone...
Due to BPH I have had a progressively worsening dribbling after urination problem for several years. Since I didn't want to use prescription drugs to fix the problem of wet spots on my underwear my wife suggested using a pantiliner and for a while that worked out fairly well. Unfortunately about a year ago my BPH symptoms started getting a bit worse and I started to experience a minor, but mostly controllable (during the day), urge/OAB problem. When this started I knew the pantiliners wouldn't be enough and after a bit of on-line research I decided to start using the so-called male "guards" during the day and at night. These have worked great for me during the day but unfortunately over the last six months my worsening BPH has also led to a couple of minor nighttime wetting incidents (complete with vivid dreams of finding and using a bathroom) and the guards leaked a bit. I'd seen the Depends Flex-Fit pull-ups where I buy the guards and decided to give them a try. Although they fit me perfectly the padding seemed pretty thin they too leaked a bit. I figured that adding a "guard" (punctured on the bottom) just might work and this combination has worked perfectly to contain all of my nighttime leaks so far.
Much to my surprise after I started using the pads and pull-ups combination I found that I was sleeping better than ever! Although this combination is working perfectly (for now) I started doing a bit more on-line research on the topic of diapers and discovered the world of AB/DL. Although I can't say I'm a true Diaper Lover yet I'm amazed at the comforting and secure feeling they give. I've even started wearing my pad/pull-up combination during long driving trips and at other times when a bathroom may be difficult to find and they are working out great. My wife of 38 years has been very understanding and thinks the diapers sure are a lot better than wet sheets! Not sure where all of this is leading but I guess we'll see.


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Hello PadsnPullups and welcome to the group.

IN the forum for diaper talk there is a sub forum for IC. I think you will find that all of the questions you might have can be answered there.

So that we may get to know you better could you please talk a few minutes and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

Again welcome to the group.
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