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Discovered I like diapers years ago. Love to read stories of other people's experiences in them.
Welcome to ADISC Dfrd72 I also, for all of my living memory, have always had a love of wearing and using nappies, (along with a very strong desire to have been born a girl like my sisters and wear their dresses).

As for a little more about my story, I am a submissive asexual, feminine male, in my mid 60s living in Newcastle NSW Australia.
Some of my interests are: science, astronomy, space exploration, history, archeology, volcanism, geology and geography.

I also love reading stories about other people's experiences.
Would you like to share some of your story with us?
Have fun.
Hello and welcome!
Welcome and enjoy
Welcome to forum. I'm sure you'll find this a friendly piece full of interesting people who will be happy to share their experiences.

I'm in my 30's and have been an ABDL since my early teens. It all stemmed from having to wear nappies and pull ups until I was ten years old.

My full origin story can be found here: https://www.adisc.org/forum/threads/the-story-of-my-life-how-i-became-a-dl.144403/

Some other great stories are from @PCS https://www.adisc.org/forum/threads/confessions-of-a-british-dl.134741/

And @billybobtombo https://www.adisc.org/forum/threads/confessions-of-a-british-dl-with-a-bit-of-ab-version-two.137220/

There's also a whole section of the forum dedicated to autobiographical stories.

Enjoy! 😊
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