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Intro to me.


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My name is Drew, I'm an NB little. I'm disabled and suffer from bladder incontinence. I was introduced to abdl through a therapist as a way to cope with my injuries that led to medical needs for diapers. My first wife hated the fact I had to wear diapers and I never brought up abdl with her. We grew apart and divorced in 2013. I thought I would be alone forever. I tried dating again in 2014, but dehydrated myself horribly so I could go without wearing on dates. I met the most wonderful person in early 2015 we kept things kinda casual for a couple months and started sleeping together. She never stayed the night, I was very cautious. Halloween 2015 she wanted to stay the night. So that night I opened my closet door, literally and figuratively. I showed her everything, and she told me she loved me. It wasn't 0-100. She had a lot of questions. We got married in 2017. A lot of great times and trying times have happened since but I love my life.
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Hello and welcome, nice introduction .. there is someone for everyone so happy you two found each other.
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Beautiful love story đź«  welcome to the platform !! :D