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Hi all, I have finally signed up after lurking here for a while. A little about me. Male, middle aged AB & DL. Like many have had ABDL feelings from a young age (5 or 6) and indulged it furtively in those early years. There have been some experiences of wearing over the years with a long spell of about 15 - 18 without any wearing but always the desires were there. In recent years circumstance changes have allowed me somewhat satisfy my growing ABDL needs. How I have somewhat satisfied them is to visit an amazing non-sexual mummy. She is in the UK and I have seen her once a year since 2019 on consecutive weekend days (to make it worthwhile due to traveling from abroad). These visits are amazing with cot time (has a full size beautiful cot), changes (wet), bottle feeds, baby food and lots of cuddles. I see her again in a few months and we are going explore some more baby things (crawling, playing with blocks/rattles, baby dresses and extra think padding). Can’t wait!! That’s it for my brief intro, thanks! :)
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Hello and welcome to ADISC,
With an intro like that you should have no problem finding friends
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Thanks 😊
Hello and welcome from the UK!
Great intro by the way.
Everyone here is super friendly and I hope you enjoy your time here. :)
Thanks a million (give away for where I’m from 😊)!! Good to know, Tks.